As It Is Good For Meditar In Your Word, God

As God is good for meditar in your word, who created skies and the land that the man created its similarity and its saint wonderful image to each day that passes, I fortify myself as Pablo said in: Filipenses: 4-13' ' I everything can in Christ who me fortalece' ' Jesus teaches in them; tolerance and the charity, back in: Landmarks chapter 9 – of 38 the 40 In this ticket, Jesus, confirm that name emseu is possible, the man to expel evil e, to make miracles (in its name also), exactly, not following, the apstolos at the time. (it is for the faith)I confess, that it has been very good, to know that Mr. Jesus said back in Landmarks: 16-15: ' ' Idepor the whole world and you nail evangelho to all criatura.' ' in Landmarks 16-16: Who to believe and will be baptized will be saved; however, who, however, not to believe will be condenado.' ' E, to have idea of the so great blessing let us see: Landmarks CAP: 16-17: ' ' These signals have to follow those that creem in my name, expelirodemnios; they will speak new languages; 18 – they will catch in serpents; e, if some deadly thing to drink, will not lhesfar badly; if to impose the hands, on patients, them will be curados.' ' Genteeeeeeee is not maravilhosoooo crerrrrrr? We go well to give umaolhadinha back in Joo chapter 14-12 where Jesus says: ' ' In truth, in verdadevos I say that one that cre in me will also make the workmanships that I make and outrasmaiores will make, because I go I stop next to the Pai.13- and everything how much you will ask for in my name, iso will make, similar of that the Father sejagloroficado in Filho.14-If me redirdes some thing in my name, I it farei.15- love, will keep me my orders. As it is good for meditar in your word, God! I remembered that back in Mateus: 7-24, he is written: ' ' All that one, that to hear these my words and a cautious man practises sercomparado who built the house on the rock ' ' e, also I remembered of what it is written in Acts: 16-31 ' ' Cre in Mr. Jesus and will be saved you and tuacasa' ' E, in the moving ace diseases, the bible says that Jesus already took (Isaiah: 53-4e 5 (text of authorship of Appeared Maria dev Oliveira, Curitiba-Paran Brazil baseadoem Biblical study)Note: (for who cre, is good for giving one looked at back in: Lucas: 10-19; still in Colossenses chapter: 2-8 and Lucas: 10-19; to lock up this meditation, here it is Mr. Deus, through the Espirito Santo, only can be made me to remember what estescrito in: Numbers chapter 23-19 ' ' God is not man, so that he lies; nor son of the man, so that if he repents. Porventura, having it fiance’, will not make it? Or, having spoken, it will not fulfill it? ' '

San Martin

That is why the mausoleum where the remains of the Liberator lies outside the main floor of the Cathedral. But with a detail that very few know and it is that San Martin was placed with his head tilted downward, in a position that represents the divine punishment with the infernal condemnation, with which the Catholic Church punishes Masons. It is said that President of the Sanmartiniano Institute has denied this version, justifying tilt which presents the coffin in a calculation error in the construction of the mausoleum, which did not allow that it built correctly. However, not has been able to justify because placed San Martin feet upwards, and head down. His tomb can be read triumphed in San Lorenzo, asserted the independence of Argentina, passed the Andes, led its emancipatory flag to Chile, the Peru and the Ecuador. The maxims of Saint Martin: In 1825 San Martin wrote the maxims for Merceditas, from where transmits it its principles. A list of twelve educational precepts with the title is maximum for my daughter, which are as follows.

1 Humanize the character and make it sensitive even with insects that are detrimental to us. Stern has said a fly opening the window so that it escapes: Anda, poor animal, the world is too big for both of us. 2 Inspire you to love the truth and hate to lie. 3 Inspire you great confidence and friendship, but coupled with respect. 4 Stimulate in Mercedes charity to the poor. 5. Respect on the property of others. 6 Get it to keep a secret.

7 Inspire feelings of indulgence towards all religions. 8 Sweetness with the servants, poor and old. 9.-Who speaks little and as precise. 10 Get it to be formal table. 11 Love of neatness and contempt to the luxury. 12 Inspire you love for the fatherland and freedom. The Testament: The testament of Saint Martin, written in his manuscript in Paris, January 23, 1844, is an example of generosity and austerity. In the same leaves as sole heir to his daughter Mercedes Tomasa de San Martin, married Mariano Balcarce, then Argentine Ambassador in Paris. Among the most important points the General had that Mercedes given to his aunt Maria Elena a lifetime and at his death pension a pension his daughter Petronila. That Sabre who will accompany you in the war of independence, it was delivered to the Governor of Buenos Aires Juan Manuel de Rosas as a test of satisfaction that, like Argentinean, I had to see the firmness with which upheld the honor of the Republic against the unjust claims of foreigners trying to humiliate her. To not be you held funeral or accompaniments to the cemetery, but yes I would like that my heart was buried in Buenos Aires. By o. Walter Gangi. Consulted bibliography: The brothers of San Armando Martin bridge; Don Jose i. Garcia Hamilton; Children of the country: San Martin, Yrigoyen y Peron of Hugo Chumbita; History of San Martin and the South American emancipation of B. Mitre; The State and the historical reality of a. Pellet Lastra.

Period Training

Third Period of training: Bargain Having left of side the Negation and the Isolation, ' ' percebendo' ' that the anger also did not decide, the person enters in the third period of training; the bargain. The majority of these bargains is made with God and, normally, kept in secret. As hardly the person has some thing to offer the God, beyond its life, and as This she seems to be taking it, she wants the person wants or not, the bargains assume more the characteristics of suplications. The person begs that God has accepted its ' ' oferta' ' in exchange for the life, as for example, its promise of a dedicated life to the church, the poor persons, the charity In the reality, the bargain is an adjournment attempt. In this phase the patient if keeps night watchman, docile reflexive and (not if she can negotiate with God, at the same time where if it antagonizes people). Room Period of training: Depression the Depression appears when the patient takes conscience of its physical atony, when already she does not obtain to deny its conditions of sick person, when the perspectives of the death clearly is felt. Evidently, one is about a evolutiva attitude; to deny did not advance, to attack and if to also rebel not, to make bargains did not decide.

A feeling appears then of great loss. It is the suffering and the psychic pain of who perceives the naked reality and raw, as it is really, it is the full conscience of that we are born and we die alone. Here the depression assumes a more typical and characteristic clinical picture; loss of heart, disinterest, apathy, sadness, I cry, etc. Fifth Period of training: Acceptance In this period of training the patient already does not try the desperation and nor denies its reality. This is a moment of rest and serenity before the long trip.

This Constitution

With long concentrations of power, emotive nationalistic rituals that will be present in fascism and Nazism. Fans of D Annunzio distinguished by their black shirts, the Roman salute, the skull with crossbones which were and remain part of all fascist liturgy. D Annunzio style, will remain in force in the black shirts of Mussolini, as the Nazi SS of Hitler, which also gave effective strength to the movement, by implementing the paramilitary fascist style example of the red shirts (which will appear in Uruguay) of the nationalist leader of the Italian unification, Giuseppe Garibaldi, which incidentally was also called Duce. Mussolini’s fascism had taken over the words, of the rites of the style of D Annunzio in Fiume. But D Annunzio not only gave him a liturgy, a style and a mystical fascism, also laid the foundations of their ideological and philosophical basis.

D Annunzio will be who will bring and adapted the ideas of the corporate State of Hegel to fascism. The D Annunzio Constitution established a corporatist State, with nine corporations to represent different sectors of the economy (employees, workers, professionals) as well as a tenth Corporation that invention D Annunzio, who was the Corporation’s human superiors (heroes, poets, prophets, supermen). This Constitution as all fascism is predominant theory of the Superman of Nietzsche, distinguished by its capacity for creativity and courage, resulting the antithesis of the mass man, to which fascism wants to dignify and raise the quality of individual through culture. Thus, as Mussolini, Hitler it was despicable, vulgar, payasesco, scatterbrained and was referring to Nazism as a bad imitation of fascism. Likewise D Annunzio considered Mussolini and the fascists, as greedy, ignorant and rude that they had taken over his work and of having stolen his place in history. If Mussolini would steal protagonism to D Annunzio. Mussolini is also a victim of its copycat and confirm it by declaring.