Deforestation Of Amazon Can Not Pass Unnoticed

Only after the last tree is cut. Only after the last river is poisoned. Only after the last fish is caught. Only then will you know that money can not eat. Indian Prophecy Very little attention has been paid to seriously the importance of saving the planet where we live, while we are allowed to be with this physical form, it is becoming more critical deterioration of the environment pollution, looting of natural wealth each country, where obsession with materialism, enrichment, at great environmental cost that has given way to big pollution, deforestation, polluted Earth have been contaminating the land, giving way to the greenhouse effect, climate changes little by little expressing, causing great disasters. Environment and Society, Year 10 No.

414, the matter gives us that only in South America accounts for 65% of the annual loss of forests of the world, and most deforestation occurs mostly in the Amazon region which lost 3.1 million hectares per year, over 40% of the world. According to FAO, South America has the greatest biodiversity on Earth. Deforestation affects their watershed and its rich soil. Produces droughts, floods, change in global and regional climate, but also results in migration, hunger and disease. Affect biodiversity and lifestyle of the inhabitants of the forests. The Amazon forest is considered the world's largest rainforest.

It occupies an area of approximately six million km2. and is home to countless species of plants and animals The current concern focuses on the constant pressures to which it is subject, including the continued progress of the agricultural frontier. It is known that deforestation is mainly to convert forests to agricultural land and livestock, and takes place at an alarming rate: about 13 million hectares per year.

DoItYourself Credit Repair

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Love An Endangered Species

Is love ending? I do not know but if we look around us we see a series of conflicts that are taking place as man’s struggle to conquer a woman, the materialistic demands of the feminist bloc who see man as instrument for fun and social advancement. On the other hand we have the communication culture that we have been imposed, such as using women as an object for the visually enjoy what you do today is classified as an element of sexual exploitation if we look at the picture then we realize that the way that today men and women relate is from the perspective of power ie, money, physical status is not the goal of being someone in life, now I’m wondering is that a person only who cares in this world and this constant search for money to get by any way and is prostituting herself and losing her dignity as a human being has a quality of life. You might want to cover the sun with a finger but the real pain is being tied to a life of pure spiritual void, because only to the extent of the spirit is love and if love is not present is a dead person and I think we need to think about it because the cold on the ground increases every day and not a symptom is a reality, so if we want the human being keep this planet is necessary to separate the ways of relating from the human, divine, natural and not superficial..

Topical Medicines

The treatment is carried through with topical medicines, fototerapia and medicines of verbal use (COAST; AXE; SELORES, 2005). Called of psorase severe (figure 9) she is that one that more than involves 10% of the body that can be covered with psoriaticas plates or pstulas or alastramento of psorase eritrodrmica. The patients who present this category of psorase tend to develop psoriatica artrite. The treatment includes fototerapia, verbal medication or a combination. The severity of psorase can be aggravated by injuries and irritation of the skin, solar exposition, estresse and anxiety, some medicines, infections and diet (GULBENRIAN, 2006). Figure 7: Light Psoriase in plates Source: Figure 8: Moderate Psoriase in plates Source: Figure 9: Inverse or flexural Psoriase severe Source: 3.1A Psorase and the Imunolgico System psorase is a imunolgica illness, the defense system is divided in innate system and adaptativo or acquired system and functions in integrated way and coordinate, being thus so that all the events occur in synchronous way; a net of intracellular Inter communication exists and.

The innate answers are inespecficas, unprovided of memory and they are decurrent of natural physical and/or chemical barriers as the unbroken skin, mucosae and enzymes. The adaptativo system can be enlisted through the release of citocinas and the antigenic presentation for the cells antigen presenters, that potencializam the defenses of the host. This system is characterized by the presence of cells of memory capable to recognize the aggressive agents to each new contact with antigens being thus produced faster and efficient answers, the cells that act in the adaptativo system are the linfcitos T and B and the cells of Langerhans in the skin, that they are the cells antigen presenters. Beyond these cells, diverse molecules are involved in the development and maintenance of the immune reply, the citocinas and the antibodies produced for the linfcitos, beyond some proteins gifts in the serum, known as proteins of acute phase, as, for example, the C-reactive protein.

Medical Professionals

Nutritionist, Psychologist and social Assistant are professional already inserted or that they carry through proposals to be inserted in the ESF. For Jnior (2003), since 1999 he was argued the proposal of inclusion of the buccal health in the PSF. Thus it ploughs it technique of buccal health understood the necessity to expand the odontolgicas actions to the program being thus articulated the promocionais, preventive actions and dressing-reabilitadoras of the community. Exactly that it has left of the actions of buccal health already they are carried through by the communitarian agents, through educative actions of as to carry through the correct escovao, adequate feeding and hygienic cleaning. The insertion of the Odontlogo in the PSF is a reality and the team of buccal health (ESB) is composed for surgeon-dentists, attendants of dental doctor’s office and/or technician of dental hygiene that current in the areas of abrangncia of the teams of health of the family.

This proposal was launched in 25 of October of 200 for then the Minister of the Health Jose Mountain range, during the commemoration of the day of the surgeon-dentist. Still in accordance with Jnior (2003), the Odontlogo professional as member of the ESB must carry through a survey epidemiologist thus to trace the profile of buccal health of the community, it must carry through integral treatment in the scope of the basic attention, direct and guide the users who present complex problems to other levels of assistance and to assure its accompaniment, to carry through small surgeries and attendance of emergency, to prescribe necessary medicines, to emit findings, to seem and certified on the subjects of its ability. The odontlogo also co-ordinates class actions directed toward promotion and prevention in buccal health, program and supervisioniza the supply of insumos for the class actions, enables to the teams of health as for the buccal health and supervises the work carried through for THD and ACD..

Medical Rank

Recently the Community chose its new mayor, whose, elect it was Ronilson de Arajo the Prado, of the party of the PR, number 22. Legal Brasilia account today with the Net of Eletricidade (CELPA), with canalized drinking waters, one old Group of Generator of Electric Energy and a Medical Rank, with the presence of a doctor to each fifteen days, health nurses, obstetricians and agents. The second stage of the field work was in the only notary’s office of the locality. Where we were received by the Adelson notary Raymond Da Silva Souza. That it allowed in them to have access to books of birth certificates marriage and register of purchase and sales of property. In the first birth certificate it did not have the presence of the name of child, only of the parents and the witnesses. The occult citizen was son of Ighinacio Alves Will be and Francisca mother Saucers Will be, natural of the clientele of Boim. In as the register the presence of the name of the child was evidenced.

The same was registers to the 19 days of the month of March of 1901 in 3 day of the Republic in this district of peace of the parish of Legal Brasilia city of Aveiros. The name of the child Enrique, son of Lucinda Da Silva of the Lake and Bernardo Antonio of the Lake, natural of Itaituba. One of the first marriages carried through in the notary’s office was Mr. Jorge Patrician Antonio, son of Eufnia Roza Gordinho and Jair. It was married 29 years of age. Maria of Almeida was married Thelma, son of Raimunda Arihangela Maria and of she was icognitu.casou with 17 years of age, the ceremony carried through in this parish of Brasilia Legal.Escrivo Joaquin Alves Will be. The first responsible notary for the notary’s office of Legal Brasilia of the only craft of Itaituba, pertaining to the city of Aveiros, was Joaquin Alves Will be.

Psychiatric Treatment

The chronic administration of (IRS) would diminish the sensitivity of the same receivers, having improved the clinical picture, establishing the effectiveness of the treatment, becoming the clomipramina standard-gold. It is also known that the selective inhibitors of recaptao of serotonina (ISRS) are treatments of second very important line, demonstrating little collateral effect and are tolerated in high doses. Finally, one understands that the cognitivo-mannering accompaniment and the farmacolgico are the first line to follow with a patient with (SOC). It can be admitted that the technological advances are a new perspective for the study of the alterations of repetitive behaviors, advancing in evidences and diminishing the assumptions, growing the possibilities of therapeutical boardings..

Miracle Medicine?

Maybe people live in the vain expectation of a miracle on the part of medicine? To answer this question we need to remember all of the same scientific and technological progress. Its rapid development at the same time led to the rapid development of materialism. But it was sickness, old age and death, which remains beyond the control of individual processes that make the leaders in many countries again and again refer to the Church. This occurs primarily because the leaders of the state, in contrast to ordinary people, more aware of the achievements of modern science in the field of medicine. Including for this in any country there are special services. The authorities, as no other sections of society, tend to understand that in the near future expect from the medical possibilities of victory over old age and death it is not necessary. That is why they periodically try to return to the bosom of the church, where in addition to fraud and corruption all the same they also did not wait. Even the leaders of virtually every country has long been far from the faith's spiritual mentors. Therefore, this The situation in the end, and leads to the fact that all these people start to believe in a virtual, invented their own God, which they did not really know that they do not understand and in which all the same to the end and do not believe. But periodically move to a belief in God makes them old age, illness and impending death premonition.

Therapeutical Medicine

In the perspective demographic epidemiologist and, they had diminished the taxes of mortality for infectious and parasitic illnesses (acute processes) and raised it mortality for chronic-degenerative illnesses, leading to a reduction of fecundidade, increase of the life expectancy and population aging. However, in Brazil, in contrast of what it happened in the Europe and the United States, these changes had not the same occurred in historical process for all the population, occurring a characteristic heterogeneidade of our territories. This fact over all contributed so that it had, in the profile of morbidade and mortality in the country, persistence of problems of the poverty and the overlapping with males of modernity (10). A great parcel of the population simultaneously passed to be displayed to these risks and happened others with industrialization: industrial accidents, illnesses of the circulatrio device, upheavals of emotional order, violent neoplasias and deaths. Historically, the confrontation of these problems for the population and services of health had implied in the majority of the cases, in the daily expensive medicine use, being many inductive times of many collateral effect, and boardings focadas in the biomedical model, not getting in all the cases the relief of the suffering of the people (10, 11). In this direction, the adhesion to therapeutical practical others for the population has been each observed time more.

Some of these practical which the population adheres, as acupuntura, homeopatia, fitoterapia, before kept out of society, now occupy place of prominence in the doctor-institucional speeches and the politics of health (7, 12, 13). Data raised, in the year of 2006, they pointed that 19 capitals and 232 cities of the country already adopted one or more than these practical. The Federal District is part of the select group of units that have practical available integrativas of health in the basic attention of all Regional ones..

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