Bernd LED

LED lamps and LED lamps are already for many years a large usage. Almost everywhere they are found: as car lighting, as traffic lights lighting, display lighting, etc. This versatile usage is not only lies in the fact that they significantly longer light than incandescent bulbs, but because they are environmentally-friendly and energy-saving. Since there is to buy only energy-saving light bulb, apartments are sparsely illuminated. But there is a bright alternative. It is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and the brightness is very good.

Light-emitting diode – short LEDs for the English term light emitting diode (light emitting diode). Since climate conferences and environmental awareness, LEDs are impossible to imagine. Without any problems, LEDs can be easily replaced with light bulbs, because they fit into any commercially available version. LED is there with the socket GU10, MR16, E14 and E27 bulbs. So, you can replace outdated light bulbs with the light source of the future.

Because LEDs impervious to shock and vibration are, they used long in means of transport such as cars, trains and aircraft, as well as street lighting and display lighting. Lately it accesses lamps for home lighting LED, to create a pleasant atmosphere. As lamps when the lights create a small amount of heat LED, used as the light source for indirect light between furniture and the wall. Modern LED chips achieve 80-90 lumen light output per watt. Thus, nearly 90 percent is consumed less energy compared with conventional bulbs. Led lamps up to 20 times longer than standard light bulbs, LEDs runtimes can reach up to 40,000 hours. So spared the constant changing of the bulb. LEDs are as colorful lamps known – especially in consumer electronics such as mobile phones with keyboards. The colored lights creates a cosy atmosphere. Because a white LED emits cold light, which is not necessarily practical for a candle light dinner. But in Connection with warm white or RGB LEDs creates the right light for comfort. All the benefits together clearly indicate that LED lamps are the advanced light source. Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly clear arguments for LED are lamps for use in the budget. The choice of lights should be deliberately chosen, because there is a large selection and variations of LEDs. Because lights are LED in the trend. So the market around this bulb is growing very quickly, so that there are many products on the market. For cheap and high-quality LED lamps as well as for a clear overview of all LED variations advisable the online shop. On this website the various LED are informative broken lamps. LED lamps, LED spots, and LED accessories for company description in our online shop. We attach great importance in best quality. Only high quality LEDs are installed in our LED lamps and LED lamps, which achieve a long life.

Green Miracle

Small algae, large effect for the melting Hutter village health, there are many dietary supplements on the market, which all promise to provide the body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Is it a special dietary supplement Spirulina: A small, blue-green algae that grows in tropical Lakes. There are really no foods that contains a similar load of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and essential amino acids such as Spirulina. Sylvia Poth says: what is special about Spirulina is that it is a pure natural product and contains also all substances in their natural composition differently than the usual nutritional supplements, they are artificially composed. In the research was found out, that the body can utilize substances from natural compounds much better than if they were isolated on artificial means.” Jessica Hund continues: a few tablets of spirulina cover the entire daily requirement of many important vitamins, Mieralien and trace elements such as E.g.

beta carotene, B vitamins, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, iron, magnesium, calcium and many more. Spirulina also supplies the body with many essential amino acids, which are important building blocks of the body. Only, the concentration of the iodine has is quite low in Spirulina, because it is not a seaweed.” Sylvia Poth supplemented: but Spirulina is far more than a simple dietary supplement. The small algae increases not only the general well-being, but can effectively boost the immune system and offer important protection against infectious diseases such as colds or flu. Also Spirulina can affect positively on many diseases such as skin diseases, inflammations and allergies. Since the micro-algae is very basic, the body can protect their possible consequences such as gout acidification.” Jessica Hund says: last but not least is Spirulina purifying and detoxing the body and can be used by stored waste, environmental toxins and even Free heavy metals. Therefore, it may be that at the beginning of the application slight detoxification symptoms occur such as headache or diarrhea.

But these are harmless and subside after a few days back. Spirulina has no side effects and is thus in principle without taking risk. The application of spirulina is very simple: taking the pills swallowed with some swallowing water. You be taken closest to the meals, so that all nutrients can be optimally absorbed by the body.” Sylvia Poth added: If you want to increase only his well-being with Spirulina and populate its vital substance budget, approximately 7-15 tablets throughout the day with meals are ideal. To stimulate the self-healing in diseases, 30 tablets per day are recommended. However the application should be denied to the security with the attending physician.”