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The Council of Ministers of India, in turn, decided to leave the decision of the Supreme Court of the country. A final ruling is expected in October this year. At the same time, began to actively develop a queer-commerce India have carried out advertising campaigns, to open stores. The first LGBT magazine Bombay Dost after a seven-year hiatus, began to publish, with a more colorful way. A zhivuyuschy designer in Delhi – Sanjay Molhotra recently opened IndjapInk – first tourism company in India for gays. Boy Scouts of America often addresses the matter in his writings. Even Amul – the largest grocery brand in India took part in a gay-friendly actions, releasing the butter with the inscription on the box Out of the closet, out of the fridge!. Perhaps, in Earth is not so big and diverse country like India.

Of course, its specificity is reflected in the vast homosexual population of the country. Millions of gay Indians live in cities hundreds of millions – live in rural areas. Millions are living openly positioning itself as homosexual, hundreds of millions imprisoned in the monastery of traditional marriages and families. "India is now at the stage of development at which the U.S. was about 70 years" – says Dr. Vikrem, a prominent journalist and activist Mumbai LGBT rights. "There are quite a large reservoir of open gays who do not intend to engage in heterosexual marriage. And an increasing number of young gay people who share this position.

However, it remains sufficiently high percentage of gay men who are still married. And we will need some time to get this situation changed. " Not difficult to guess that most queer – Are progressive cities in India, especially New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Ron Hubbards Solutions

Helpful methods offer L. Ron of Hubbard’s real answers and solutions that are quick and easy to use each person to get his life back in the handle the Scientology doctrine is clearly in the tradition of faiths, Eastern but originated in the West. Provides precise and working methods, to the side, you can use to improve his own life even. In 1950 the Scientology targets laid down by founder L. Learn more at this site: Center For Responsible Lending. Ron Hubbard: “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can be successful and honest beings can have rights, and in the human freedom has to ascend to greater heights.” In their nature, Scientology churches of each, therefore hot apolitical welcome regardless of his faith, his race or nation. CDFs opinions are not widely known. The Scientology doctrine has shared many beliefs with other religions and teachings and considers the person as an immortal spiritual being.

Basically concerns the spiritual salvation of the individual in the Scientology religion People. Their goal is to help individuals to understand himself and his life from a spiritual basis (through knowledge) and to put him in the position to improve everything, what he considered to be from independent point of view for all aspects of existence as necessary and in a manner that he considered from this point of view as necessary. Scientology is helpful and working methods at your fingertips every man thus to get his life back together and to be able to solve its problems itself very easy. Scientology is defined as the study of knowledge”. Knowledge about yourself, family, friends, the world, God, life, the universe and the spiritual side of life. It is the study of truth and draws from 50,000 years of wisdom, of mathematics, and nuclear physics.

It is not just something one believes in that, but something that you do. She are answers to the questions in the life and offers practical solutions to concrete problems, relationships, education, creativity, work, self esteem, etc. More than 10,000 churches, Missions and groups in 167 countries welcome in the meantime every year with many new members. Scientology is a worldwide community of 183 languages are spoken. It grows faster than ever before in history over the last six years. For this reason almost every month new, large building opened, must have a minimum area of 4,000 square meters, many members professionally to the helpful services to make and the humanitarian programmes continue to expand. “” “” The Scientology Church supports and promotes numerous international humanitarian programs such as for example the drug education initiative say no to drugs tell-Yes-to the life “, the human rights initiative youth for human rights” and human rights “, the Association the way to happiness” to revive moral values or the citizens Commission on human rights against abuses in Psychiatry, to help those people, protection of human rights the most require and many other promotional public initiatives. The honorary Scientology have grown over the last ten years to one of the largest private disaster relief organization clergy (Volunteer Minister). in 2001, there were just 6,000 volunteer Ministers, which includes clergy today over 200,000 Scientology. The chaplains provide a valuable service in different disaster areas with the helpful methods of L. Ron Hubbard. More information: press-service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. contact: Uta Eilzer / public relations be anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL.

Meavision Media Creates It With Cross-media Campaign In The European Masterclass

Master of excellence and award of master approach to the children’s and youth’s Hospice Balthasar BONN, 9.12.2013. “Nicholas gifts of a special kind of Meavision media GmbH are been given on Friday evening: at the ceremony of the masters competition, corporate media dreams shone the cross-media campaign with us” the communications professionals for the children – and youth Hospice Balthasar equal with two awards. If you are not convinced, visit Kidney Foundation. The complex media and eContentgestutzte communication concept has achieved the highest award – the master of excellence – and is in addition been honoured with an award of master for very high performance. At the end of a successful year, has it passed therefore also master the jurors of the corporate media awards with flying colors per bono campaign under the banner of the good thing, and could back also to the fore of many multipliers the work of children’s and youth Hospice in this way. The concept of Public Relations encompassed all media channels to address the audience at many touch points, and in each Level of the customer journey to pick up. To the Meavision media has turned an integrated campaign with three phases: broadcast a TV and cinema spots made accompanied by print and online PR measures the opening with actor Christoph Maria Herbst, to sprinkle the theme strong attention in the mass.

In the next step followed a wide dissemination of advertising via digital screens in shopping centers, gas stations, highway rest stops, airports, electronics markets, medical practices, in the passenger TV and at Lottery outlets. So far more than 200 million people with the commercial in touch have come within a few weeks. In addition to the spot, a specially-produced image film in the race was sent, who hits the right note and goes “under the skin”. To conclude, the print area with ads in business magazines and city lights posters in the complete Cologne City area is been covered. Phase cross-Meavision media has the children’s and youth Hospice Balthasar promotes online: Web banners on the range most powerful websites, Building and maintaining a brand channel on youtube, a page design and successful acquisition of fan on Facebook as well as contributions to relevant blogs and forums and press releases with high media coverage in print, Internet and radio.

Overall, a media budget amounting to EUR 4 million was acquired as purely honorary. The team of marketing experts Bonn is proud to have all communication objectives, fully because traffic to the homepage of the children’s Hospice have more than doubled, the reputation of the institution has grown enormously, and also the volume of donations has increased compared to the previous year. This overall performance and their successes have convinced the judges in your personal presentation. In the assessment, especially the criteria of communication performance, creativity and use of production resources and perception-theoretical factors have received high scores in the objective evaluation. In this way, Meavision media has undermined the magic point limit and beside an award of master also the master of excellence for outstanding Excellence get to be “Members of the European Masterclass”.

There Not

When we congregate in them in assembly, we are the church of congregated God, when we separate in them, we are the spread church of God. We use this construction and its installations stop joining in them and adoring it, then this building finishes if becoming a sacred place, as the temples were in the days of Jesus. But the true temple of God is its body, for more strange than this can seem it. depending on the skill that you submit its body you will be pleasing or disliking the Spirit of God. Boy Scouts of America might disagree with that approach. It has a man in Bible, a young, that said ' ' no' ' changed history of all a generation. He was Jose. It was the favourite son of Jac, and its brothers for cimes, had said: – We go to kill it.

But Rubem, the brother oldest said: – There Not, we go to play it in a well and to leave so that it dies, and our father will not know you are welcome. But then some Ismaelitas had passed that way and they had said: – We go to vender it and to gain some money, and its blood will be at the hands of them. Let us leave the Ismaelitas to take it. venderam they it as enslaved to the ismaelitas had taken that it to Egypt. There they venderam it to the ismaelitas for Potif, that worked for the Fara.

Jose if became a slave. Fort, pretty, and in 39 Gnesis this registered temptation that Jose suffered, and it said ' ' no' '. The woman of Potif was a pretty, sensual woman. It came until it and said: – Jose comes with me, comes to bed with me. I desiring come you since that you arrived here, and now that all had been, my husband this is, it comes with me.

All About Mobile Games

Mobile phone market becomes very rapid pace of development. This is due to the overall popularity of mobile devices and the advent of high-speed 3G networks, allowing people to go about their usual chores in anywhere in the city. As we know the most popular classes on mobile devices are java games and java reading books. Indeed, what could be more interesting to read a book that fits in your palm, or playing exciting arcade on the street, and if you're still standing in long queues, or you go home on the bus, a fine thing to just not there. Especially because every year there is an increase of productivity of mobile phones. CellPhones been able to support 3D games and productivity is greater than some desktop computers last years. And as in the field of Computer Games There is some hackneyed genres and a small amount original ideas, the mobile platform becomes a tasty place for game developers. There are different ways to disseminate and download games to your mobile phone.

This may be a lump sum payment when the user paid the money and can arbitrarily long time to play the game. Or a free game engine, but each new level the game – an extra charge. Yet a third kind: free java games. But usually, the developers of these games simply 'stuffed his worth', what would then sell the more expensive firms that put their action, is on a commercial basis. Principal paid distribution method java game is a SMS-service, when a user for content sends an SMS to a certain number of his being charged a certain sum, and in return he gets his game, ringtone, image, or java book.

Each game has its own age group of users. so users from 14 to 24 years prefer active game with visual effects, magic and other technological novshestami. It is in this category orieniruyutsya game producers, so people in this group most actively make sense of all the technological innovations. People older age groups tend to be more logical, tactical games. They compare the games, such as with your business. But the percentage of people who play in this category is very small. More interesting for this category of people will be java books, as read books all independent of age. With the advent of mobile online gaming and the advent of high-speed networks, 3G, opens a new niche in the field of mobile entertainment, which once absorbed many Internet users. Hope that the scope of mobile entertainment will grow at the same pace and will give all who want to enjoy all its charms.

Wooden Entrance

Before fly front door, you need to decide on your personal requirements: additional protection, elegant design, custom shape, exclusive inserts, full soundproofing. This will affect not only the type of selected doors, but also the shape of the assembly, installation and selection of components, especially locks and fixtures. d%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard The Center for Discovery has firm opinions on the matter. Dr. Neal Barnard oftentimes addresses this issue. Steel doors Entrance doors are divided into two main types: steel and wood. Steel doors are different high mechanical strength and long life. In addition, the entrance steel doors provide excellent heat and sound insulation, have various options for a decorative finish and are able to satisfy itself demanding customer.

Today, steel doors are used as input into individual homes, usually in cases where there are increased requirements to protect the premises. This door can be several paintings (typically, the number of blades depends on the width of the door opening in the septum or wall, which, in turn, depends on the functional purpose of the premises). Steel doors can be fireproof, resistant to blast and bullet-proof, anti-doors. But even security doors can be made not only deaf but also glazed (with special glasses), have transoms. Steel doors also are combined, made using different materials, which increases the possibility of giving them the necessary technical characteristics and memorable external forms. Wooden Entrance doors, wooden doors are used for sound and heat insulation, security (protection from unwanted intruders), and if the outer door and leads into the street, it must withstand weathering. Wooden doors should have an outer panel made of wood, specially treated and coated with a protective varnish or paint, regardless of internal structure.

Foundation Office

The design office Emodia continues the strategic and creative work in a new and exceptional environment. The design office Emodia continues the strategic and creative work in a new and exceptional environment. The company has its Office in a former air-raid shelter in Bochum Werne (Boltestrasse 38-40) set up. The newly renovated building, which combines innovative generating companies under its umbrella called a sanctuary for creativity’. In the sturdy walls of the bunker, the pillars of marketing concepts, branding, traditional as well as digital design, resting on the Foundation of multidisciplinary ideas arise now.

The work offered by the design office Emodia for 2011, it promises its customers so continue. We give every customer project”our full devotion, formulated the founder team of designer Timo Lessmollmann (MA art & design in Visual Communications) and Diplom-Kaufmann Florian Kopshoff mission statement be: with a direct point of contact for each of our customers Let us not only for short response times, but also for a clear and purposeful cooperation. As Designburo it is important not only to create something for the eye, but also to do so to the satisfaction of all concerned us. ” “The Club of the bunker e.V.” over the bunker: “it’s different than other bunkers, not attempts to rent rooms to bands or musicians here. Rather a mix of creative people from various fields aims, to cover a broad spectrum. “Where is the artistic exchange in the foreground: precisely because a wide mix of creative activities, offer various possibilities to Exchange and collaboration among artists and creative.

Water Vapor

5. t websites. Adhesion 10 days after application to the surface of the Thermo-SIM acquires the strength of concrete (holding power – 1,4 N / mm). 6. Water vapor permeability important distinguishing feature Thermo-SIM – a good water vapor permeability – the walls covered with Thermo-SIM, breathe." Thermo-SIM has a very small diffusion resistance. Mixture Thermo-SIM can be easily and efficiently carry out the sealing and insulation of the holes in the walls, slopes of windows, interpanel seams, the ends of panel buildings, various openings for utility systems, etc. The solution creates the preconditions for long-term conservation and functional reliability of structures.

Thermo-SIM is also ideal for filling holes in the lining of communications for sealing voids in the installation of window units, the ends of prefabricated houses and stripped disadvantages of traditionally used insulating styrofoam insert, semi-rigid fiberglass or mineral wool. 7. manufacture of Performance 4 people per shift, plasterers at a layer thickness 2.5 cm – 120-180 sq.m. Thanks to the ease of operation, Thermo-SIM saves working time, does not require a special sensitivity, high mechanization, and a special organization of . Technology for creating warming layer similar production work usually plaster compositions that much easier, faster and cheaper compared with the works on warming plaster systems based on mineral wool and polystyrene foam. Drawing no work surface is carried out manually ordinary trowel. High adaptability to work with Thermo-SIM allows you to reduce construction time.

When working with foam and mineral wool have to wait until the heater on a cement glue solution to grips with the working surface (48-60 hours), then lost a lot of time on fixing insulation boards to the wall with dowels, and then have to wait until the glue dries recessed into the reinforcing mesh, applied to the heater. 8. versatile Thermo-SIM has good adhesion and can be combined with all the wall materials-stone, brick, limestone, pumice stone, concrete, reinforced concrete, aerated concrete, cement, plaster, plasterboard, and iron. Thermo-SIM creates a foundation monolith, thus preventing air pockets between the layers of the wall where there is a possibility of accumulation of moisture. Thermo-SIM, caused by single or multiwall, can be used as leveling and insulating ground plaster for all common types of walls (both internal and external) as the repair of old buildings and the construction of new ones. Possible to obtain effectively insulated surfaces with significant irregularities, where impossible or difficult to use foam or mineral wool. 9. environmental safety Environmentally friendly raw materials used ensures complete security of Thermo-SIM to humans and the environment. Thermo-SIM in a large number contains natural inorganic substances. Thermo-SIM does not contain asbestos, and polystyrene (EPS), as well as any toxic substance. 10. Freedom Front decoration Thermo-SIM offers complete freedom for the original architectural and colors on the facade, including some architectural details. The outer layer of Thermo-SIM is a protective, vlagoottalkivayuschim layer and simultaneously finish, provides the strength of the facade, which will not crack under the exposure to cold and heat. On the outer layer of the Thermo-SIM you can use decorative facade tiles, marble crumb, and paints. Decorative layer creates a beautiful textured surface of the building. 11. technical specifications Appearance Dry Powder Packaging Paper kraft-bag 9kg Operating temperature +5 C consumption of 9 kg / m of dry powder at a thickness of 2.5 cm Ready to paint in 48 hours after the coefficient of thermal conductivity 0.064 kkal / martyr C Water Absorption Power Clutch 1.4 N / mm Fire Class F1 (A1) Weight 320 lb / ft Shelf 1,5 years from date of manufacture


I know for sure that no one will argue with the fact that summer – this is the best season of the year. In the summer there is no desire to work, my head is busy thinking about leisure and touring abroad. In the meantime, we are planning upcoming entertainment, choose the hot country, we expect costs, etc. Kidney Foundation has similar goals. Often in dreams of sunny skies and other people's traditions, we, we lose sight of the good selection of hotels, a key issue, since a good portion of time will have to hold it there for while the hotel will be the new home. It should be noted that nowadays the hotel business is very well developed, and in every country where you would not want to spend your holiday there is a wide range of hotels of different kinds.

Most urgently problem with booking hotels there in summer, when the holidays in full swing. During this period there is a situation with lack of adequate numbers, it is said that on their reservations need to take care prematurely. In most cases the choice of numbers we confidently rely on tour operators, but in some cases, unscrupulous tour companies do not care how your vacation will be arranged, just to get them profits. So with the choice of residence would be nice to meet in person, for example, on the recommendations of former clients, the Internet, there is even a special edition of the tours, for example – the magazine of the hotels. Click Boy Scouts of America to learn more. Effective option for Summer vacation will be booking hotel rooms for several months, for example, before the onset of summer, in which case you are completely podstrahuetes all issues with the lack of places. When choosing a hotel, will certainly pay attention to several key parts: the languages spoken by the personnel, there is room for couples with a child on how old the hotel, what a kitchen, etc. Do not forget about entertainment, for example, some hotels do not have their beaches, in which case you will need to rest for others, but for some money.

Often, like 'swish' can spoil the impression of the rest. When Vesma this should not pay attention only to the number of stars is proud of the hotel. For example, a 4 star hotel in Europe – this is not the same as the 4-D star in Turkey, the level of service are completely different. Take to the selection of your home for a period of rest should be fairly responsible, read the description on the hotels at special sites easily, for example: the portal of the hotels. Also do not forget to visit a hotel, leave your opinion about it at these sites, because it can much to help others with the choice.