Different Looks For An Interface

When we enter in a site, either with objective I specify or same without an idea of defined search, it is natural that let us execute in a fraction of according to decision of which link to have access first. To take this decision we mount a mental model of the available options following the logic that we perceive of the site. This perception is not equal for all the people, not even it is equal for the same person in different occasions. To develop an information architecture that takes care of to all the mental models eas necessities of each one of the users who have access a site, is much more complex of what it is imagined. It is common, when analyzing some projects, finding structures that take care of to the companies, the employees or same to the desenvolvedores, disdaining the motivations that make with that the user, consumer of content, carry through the search. Further details can be found at American Diabetes Association, an internet resource. When it is said in mental model and access motivations it is common to think about canals.

For example, the existing one in companies who possess diverse areas of performance or segments. As one assembly plant that can manufacture different lines for the attendance of different markets, trucks, vehicles of stroll, utilitarian and even though motorcycles. Our challenge is greater that this, is as to present a navigation model that the same delivers to content for all the users who carry through buscasatravs of stimulatons and different necessities. Estruturade a site must prioritize a fast curve of learning, must be pedagogical, already queo objective of the sites does not have to ocarter of continued use as of applicatory or a system. Our objective is to make with that user the necessity originate the content delivery, and the more fast will be the agreement of the interaction process, better the originated experience. Of practical form, the interface of a site precisaauxiliaro internautaa to understand what they are, as they are organized and as if they hold its more complex elements. The more effective it will be the interface in this aspect, more easy will be the approach of the delivery of content with the necessity that it originated its search.


Thus, the propostodurante conceptual model the stage of analysis does not lose in the stages of project eimplementao. . What in general it occurs is its extension. Classification/Instanciao the capacity to classify objects (in classrooms) allows to expressarrelaes of the type classification/instanciao. The relationship is made to apartir of the comment of diverse dosmesmos phenomena for categorizao in groups (classrooms), on the basis of the set of properties comunsa all. Others who may share this opinion include Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

For example, two computers, IBM PC and Machintosh, can serclassificados as instances (objects, models, or specimens) daclasse (category) Microcomputer (Figure 3). The inverse relation it is the deinstanciao of a publication (IBM PC, for example) from classeMicrocomputador.Figura 3. Relation of classification/instanciao Generalization/Specialization This type of relation occurs when, to break the comment of duasclasses, we abstract from them a more generic classroom. For example, asclasses Microcomputador and Mainframe can be considered casosespeciais of the classroom Computer. This classroom is considered umageneralizao of the two first ones, that they are called especializaesda classroom Computer (Figure 4).

The idea dageneralizao/specialization is the base for the classification of espciesnas natural sciences. Of the point of view of properties, pressuposto that the subclasses have all the properties of the classrooms of quemelas are specializations. It must have at least a property quediferencie two classrooms specialized (subclasses) from mesmaclasse generic (superclassroom). This is the type of relation used with omecanismo of inheritance.

Scientology Church Germany

New Facebook presence and Internet site Scientology Fakten.de Scientology expanded Church in Germany has increasingly expanded Internet presence in the last two years and other projects in planning. For several days it is also on Facebook. The Scientology Church Germany e.V. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Boy Scouts of America. uses many available Internet media. Recently, it is present also in Facebook. Under News, wallpapers, videos, information, wallpapers, references to various links, etc., that might be interesting with regard to Scientology are now regularly. A Twitter account is also online in the near future. Much work was put into the Web page, probably detailed information page of Scientology in Europe.

Hundreds of original documents can be read there, and can be downloaded. For example religious recognitions from the world or important judicial decisions. Scientology gives its opinion there also always back in detail on current controversies and represents the facts. Find the many corrections to a recently published documentation of the ARD to their false allegations, as well as background information on how a such broadcast with so many false information can ever come. Also for the feature film “until nothing remains,” which caused a sensation almost 3 years ago, find themselves detailed info, which show that the film was put together content very sloppy and therefore the truth completely passing plays. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Professor of Internet Governance. The Scientology Church Germany e.V. wants to allow many people to this Web site, to get true information about Scientology.

Some media in Germany embezzled often important facts that can be found on these pages. Probably also the assortment of made-up stories of dropouts is unique to a specific image to hang on Scientology. The site enjoys increasing interest and has visitors per day up to 1700. In addition to the official international website, the is probably the best source of information to receive first hand information on the respective topic. In addition detailed background information about the founders find themselves Scientology religion, L. Ron Hubbard. Also on YouTube, Scientology in Germany is increasingly present and want to make more custom clips into the public grid in the next few months. A special Scientology channel on YouTube already shows many own productions. So, there is also a film about the manipulation of SternTV by Ursula Caberta using opt-out story can be found. The spokesman to the Scientology Church Germany e.V., Jurg Stettler: it comes us to provide first-hand information. In Germany, the topic of Scientology by some few pages is relatively the hysterical accompanied. On some misinformation, you can shake only the head. In addition to direct contacts, invitations to the open days, brochures etc, the Internet has become an important way to present uncensored facts. The interest has shown us that we are therefore on the right track to objectify the artificial controversy in Germany.” More information: press-service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. on behalf of Scientology Church Germany e.V.

Church Mitterfirmiansreut

A foundation in Mitterfirmiansreut in the Bavarian Forest has large before the 14-meter long, seven meters wide and almost four-meter high Church lasted until may, 1911, before it melted in the Spring Sun together. To commemorate this extraordinary building in winter 2010 / 2011 are a snow Church, 100 years earlier. The founded in 2009 Foundation 100 years snow Church Mitterfirmiansreut pursues this goal”. 1907 34 citizens of Mitterfirmiansreut founded a Church Association, but the project of a new Church stopped short for financial reasons. The next House of God was in Mauth, one and a half hours walk away.

It was therefore often not possible to visit the church regularly elderly and women with children. The winter 1910 / 1911 was very snowy, calculated to Christmas Eve a snowstorm was raging, and nobody could out of the village after Mauth. To draw attention to the plight of believers in the secluded Mitterfirmiansreut, the idea came up to build at least a church made of snow. Began in freezing February 1911 the construction men and women from the village cut blocks from the abundant solid snow and coated each other like tiles. In the cold nights, the successive heaped snow blocks found a very hard link that you could save out even arch and along the lines of the Passau Cathedral erected two towers on the front side. The first prayer in the snow Church was held on March 28, 1911. The snow Church kept only until the spring, but the project attracted attention far beyond the Bavarian Forest beyond. Many donations for the construction of a proper Church, received a photo of the snow Church appeared even in a US magazine.

1923 a stone Chapel of the school increased at the place of the snow Church, which was consecrated in 1925 and 1932 extends to the present Church of the municipality. Thus, the snow Church builders had reached their goal. On November 24, 2009, the Foundation 100 years snow Church Mitterfirmiansreut was”founded. He wants to keep awake the memory of the legendary project. At the founding meeting was decided to build a church out of snow in the winter 2010/2011 modelled on the first snow Church. As the original site of the first Church of the snow is no longer available, the new snow Church on a paddock near the Meadow Mountain lift in the family to be built ski area Mitterdorf. The snow Church is to the whole winter 2010/2011 on stand and be met by various cultural and spiritual events with life. A visit in Mitterfirmiansreut is worthwhile. Or better a little winter vacation? For recommend Landhotel Haus Waldeck. Dogs are expressly welcome in this three-star hotel with its family atmosphere. Mitterfirmiansreut has also a wide range of winter sports. Next to the House you will find a great penchant for sledging and bobsleigh rides. Convenient access to the cross-country network of cross-country ski runs, stretching about 35 miles from here. And with the junior ski circus to the family ski area Mitterdorf it is also not far. The ski centre around the Alpine mountain (1140 m) offers too Fun for adults with its five ski lifts, the ski slopes of varying difficulty opening up. At the place there is a ski school and a ski rental service.

Scientology Church Scientology

The Sunday worship of the Scientology Church is from the reading of the creed, a sermon based on the writings of its founder L. Nieman Foundation brings even more insight to the discussion. Ron Hubbard, and the exercise of pastoral care, the total community will participate, as well as the publication of church events and programs. Devotions always close with a prayer. The foundations of the religious principles of Scientology can be learned easily. Many of them are forwarded when the Sunday worship. The sermons refer to a topic, which explains a principle or a basic truth of the Scientology and whose Relevanz shows up for daily life. Religions were centuries away to, to point the way in the emergency and to give assistance.

Churches have seen their mission traditionally over their purely intellectual order, to relieve suffering of Earth and to help people through decisions throughout their lives. The Scientology religion follows a tradition that is at least as old as humanity itself. Since religion has always been engaged in the soul in Relationship to himself, to the universe, as well as other life and, most important, with the belief in spiritual beings. It deals with nothing less than the full recovery of the inherent spiritual self. The Scientology religion applies, that the man through the application of the principles contained in the religious texts and exercises, anchored Church who through his actions towards others, and applying in the confession of the Scientology rules of conduct determines his own spiritual future. “To allow the clergy of the Scientology Church to better serve their growing communities, the Scientology Church was the comprehensive book background, spiritual Office, ceremonies and sermons of the Scientology religion” out.

On 1000 pages, the work shows many suitable sermons for the Sunday worship and all church ceremonies such as weddings, naming, funerals etc. Everyone is his own immortal soul and can learn the truth of this principle by taking part in Sunday prayer. The is the message rafted up inspiration and hope that takes each person after attending a Sunday worship with them. Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V.

Federal Statistical Office

Meaning”we need marriage?” so, two large supra-regional daily newspapers titelten their contributions on the subject of marriage in the summer of this year. But there are plenty of reasons to even turn the tables and take the high appreciation of the marriage in the eyes. “After the representative survey of the Allensbach Institute within the framework of JACOBS Coronation study partnership 2012: between heart and mind” the encouragement to the institution is marriage for three quarters of all respondents in West Germany in the last thirty years remains high. Just keep the marriage 16 percent for outdated. Click BSA for additional related pages. And two-thirds of 1800 respondents women and men are convinced that they can find a partner, she her whole life (!) can be happy.

Everything just theory or wishful thinking? No! We look on the reality, by looking at the figures, which are otherwise concealed or distorted: far more than fifty percent of all marriages last a lifetime confronting the defendant often value change and the fast pace of our society simply incredible, but true. This positive impression can be read off even when the failed relationships: If the average duration of the marriage at the time of her divorce from the Federal Statistical Office with 14.5 years is specified, it can also there just admitted that this long period expressing something respectful. So, marriage is not a discontinued model. Nieman Foundation shines more light on the discussion. The debate in the Catholic Church for a few months is being debated now in a big way about the importance of marriage in the Catholic Church, namely in connection with the question of the handling of remarried divorcees. The usual Church critics are of course also here again”, won’t want to miss the chance and projecting their own issues with the structure of the Catholic Church or certain public officials in this field. Questionable and mind (also in the religious sense) rich arguments found on pages of willing to reform and opponents of reform. . David Delrahim describes an additional similar source.

New Dianetics Seminar

The new Dianetics seminar on 5 and 6 September 2009 in the Scientology Church Munich starting 10:00 instead of early and then every weekend. L. Ron of Hubbard’s book from the year 1950 was given recently on two DVDs out. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Nieman Foundation. These movies are visual presentations of his book “Dianetics: the Guide to the human mind”. The book is part of the religious literature and works of Hubbard. It is a record of Hubbard’s discoveries, observations and studies about life and human nature.

The term Dianetics uses is from the Greek word “by slide” and together nous “soul”. Dianetics describes the basic principles of the mind and the soul or what it does to the soul the body. By exercising these discoveries, it became apparent that Dianetics dealt with an entity, which is opposed to the expiry of the time – the human soul – known originally as “I” and later as “Thetan”. This outbound, Hubbard continued his research and finally put the path to the total spiritual freedom for each firm. The seminar including the movies is shown, the new DVDs of Dianetics, convey medical advice or treatment.

The Dianetics not also sees itself as a method for treating physical and also does not pretend this or claims in this direction. The new Dianetics Seminar takes place in the Munich-based Scientology Church from 5th September 2009 every weekend. The seminar lasts from Saturday to Sunday from 10:00 each 2 days – early. The seminar fee is EUR 90.00. The food for the two days is also included. Registration for the seminar for the 5th and 6th September will in time requested, Tel.: 089-38607-0 – password: new Dianetics seminar. The new Dianetics seminar on Saturday, explains how to use Dianetics. A one and a half-hour visual presentation principles and procedures and are explained, used by millions of people all over the world. The first presentation of the film “as one the” Dianetics uses”is based on the book” Dianetics: the Guide to the human mind “. This film gives all information immediately to begin the exercise of Dianetics. This means that after the movie also equal the first auditing (counseling) is carried out in practice. The person selects a student with which she feels comfortable. These two audit to the Exchange. The 2nd DVD “Aspects of auditing” is seen on Sunday. This DVD contains 18 additional films, in which different aspects of the Dianetics auditing are taken up. It shows exactly how to apply every aspect. The films are screened individually. Next audited is alternating with the movies on Sunday. The films help to get a better reference to the Dianetics to improve a better understanding and skill of each auditor. Thus each student also the reference to the book “Dianetics: A Guide to the human mind” can take, refer the movies on the respective chapter in the book. The Dianetics is a part of the Scientology religion.

Boniface Church

Fire damage restoration on the facade of red sandstone on the night of the 17.03.2010-inflamed unknown perpetrators one at the Grosswelzheimer St. Bonifatius Church parked construction toilet. It burned down completely, the sandstone facade was heavily contaminated by the rising smoke. Some strongly adhering soot could by company Sven boom structures without affecting the subsoil by means of fine sand blasting to remove. In addition to the red sandstone of facade, a particular attention was the joint network, since this had significant damage and a low resistance to a large extent. It was necessary to achieve a surface cleaning in addition to dispel the joint network. In addition, algae and lichens were removed, extensively settled the sandstone. Background information St.

Bonifatiuskirche / Grosswelzheim: the foundation stone was laid on the 02.05.1926 and a year later on the 22.05.1927 was consecrated by Bishop Matthias Ehrenfried Wurzburg. Should the first views of the Church of Main page here happen, here stands the 23 m high church tower of red sandstone solid, without the counterweight of a tower helmet, over the rooftops of the village. (Similarly see: Childrens Defense Fund). Its creator, the master of church building Dominikus Bohm from Cologne, wanted a steeple create here, as he is no longer to find the whole main course.” The shape of the Church is from the minds of Architects cannot be separated one of the greatest Church builders of modernity. So-called Christo-centric building his early church buildings, which include Dettingen and Grosswelzheim, was for Bohm the guiding principle”, according to the world of ideas of the city Pastor Johannes van Acken. This idea is based on a newly understood liturgy.

She understands the church building as a work of art geared towards the altar. He should be the capital of the construction. The entire spatial effect of the longitudinal building is aimed at him. Bohm extended the existing 8 m wide and 18 m long chapel a square central block and an elevated 12 x 6 m-large choir. By the He enhances the light effect with increasing size and sill height of window Chapel room on the central square to the choir room. In between are the darker zones of pointed uberwolbungen rising directly from the ground tapered. (Source: art/parishes /) Currently is the Interior renovation of the St. Boniface Church (client: Church administration Grosswelzheim) after the presentation of architecture lost in the 1970s.

Scientology Church

The ‘ drug-free marshals program is a prevention programme and Drogenaufklarungs working on an international basis – the youth visited community members and community leaders, to win this for the planned Drogenaufklarungs campaign. The aim of the campaign was to educate many citizens about various drugs and their dangers and effects. The campaign message was issued by the UN Office on drugs and crime (UNODC) and was this year: drugs control your life? Your life. Your community. No place for drugs”. This slogan should convey that the use of drugs of the individual as well as families and society harm. The “drug-free marshals ‘ program is a prevention programme and Drogenaufklarungs working on an international basis. The Scientology Church of Toronto supports this program from Markham.

The membership is open to any child and adolescents, if he is actually willing to be drug-free and to stay. The message of the United Nations in the anti-drugs day in to spread this year, some guys worked together with local officials already dealt with the problem of drugs in their community. They sat down with the Municipal Council of Markham (Canada) in conjunction and clarified him about the anti-drugs day proclaimed by the UN on, as well as the of the drug-free marshals”planned campaign. “The Mayor himself put on an event key of Asia Festival” all drug-free marshals “and its proclamation of the present. Some young people who were present at the event, vowed solemnly as a drug-free Marshal”, to be drug-free. “The founder of the Scientology doctrine, L. Ron Hubbard wrote in the past on the subject of drugs: save the children and you’re saving a nation”.

Scientology uses Church to warn children against drug addiction for more than 20 years. The successful results in their prevention work stand for themselves. Press contact: press service of the SKB e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, Tel. 089-890912639, FAX. 089-38607-109,

HoloSign Artwork

“HoloSign artwork by Michael Bleyenberg Spero Lucem” stands for a light phenomenon in the form of a cross on a glass surface. This phenomenon using HoloSign is created, one of the first developments of the House of G + B of Pronova GmbH. With HoloSign pictures are thrown from a projector onto a screen, but deposited a fixed motif in the HoloSign screen. A homogenous source of light (it can be also the Sun) can shine this motif in intense colors: the white light is broken down by holographic optical elements into its spectral components. A related site: Childrens Defense Fund mentions similar findings. The resulting colors change when moving the light source or the Viewer. This means exciting and dramatic changes in the perception of the light cross for the installation in the Church of Saint Agnes. Each viewer experienced the work of art in its own way. The light artist Michael Bleyenberg has found a diverse product for the implementation of his ideas in HoloSign. So, for example, the exterior of the German research society in Bonn with HoloSign shines as more than ten meters high, colorful work of art.