North COM

Converting paper files through service is Hamburg economically and safely, the 23 indicating Scandienstleister ALPHA COM at the trade fair for staff in Hamburg its optimized service concepts around the electronic personnel file, which let customers more freedom for their core tasks. Faster access, at any time and from any place: that promises the digital personnel file, put on the more and more personal. To take advantage of electronic filing, the old stock in paper must be converted only in the shortest possible time, to remain able to act. A task that rarely to create its own power and better belongs in the hands of a specialist in document management. Professor of Internet Governance may help you with your research. The ALPHA counts COM group to the most innovative HR services and presented on the staff 2011 North on 6th and 7th April ePersonalakte in outsourcing their field-proven service concepts for the (a.. 21, Hall H, CCH Hamburg). While the nationwide represented service provider handles not only the mere Conversion of paper into data. Instead, he offers a variety of ways to refine the generated information according to customer wishes.

An example is the substantive classification level documents, which are required for finely structured register. The advantage for the HR management: Thanks to the special indexing the data import effort in the shared HR or DMS system flow. Safely and efficiently through specialization ALPHA COM has a sizable number of well-known reference customer, for which they migrate personal files in paper and captures the current Inbox. The virtually unlimited capacity for ten nationwide distributed locations ensures the timely processing of even the largest amounts of document. The service by strict safeguards carries the highly sensitive personal data account as security service along with lockable containers, access control to all production areas, as well as police clearance certificates of the involved employees. We follow a zero-error strategy and work absolutely confidential”, emphasizes Jorg Bothmann, Managing Director of ALPHA COM Germany GmbH.


The precaution is kept quite low by modern medicine. But other symptoms increased. How collective unconscious-level mass phenomena are launched, expressed profound and apparently also in “Individual and mass fate” by Jane Roberts. I’ll spare you me, therefore, to explain this “phenomena” as such. Depression have different individual meanings and causes, which are located in the mental psychological field in individual cases. What could an explanation be found in addition with regard to collective imbalances would like to draw attention to that this epidemic as a mass phenomenon? You should find out whether there is an approach that is valid equally for all types of depression. If we examine the clinical picture as such, the accompanying mood particularly striking.

Invertedness, sadness, withdrawal of external activities, lack of belief in yourself, hopelessness, futility, etc. are also Appearances, especially suggesting that is the deep meaning of life in question. What is the deep meaning of life? In the attachment to our soul to the fulfillment of our deepest longings and innermost goals to reach, and with joy, happiness, to experience closeness and love. Many people resign because they have lost access to this being fulfilled. Regardless of individual powerlessness and inability to produce this met his again, we can look now compared the State – citizen: what kind of attitude to life and be true satisfied its citizens represents the State leadership? What values are you? What is long outdated? Where is the real spirit of optimism? How real is the idea of freedom represent? How much is it about power? What faint creates in the people? Is the whole system permeable and clear? Ruled on the people involved? Really everyone gets the same chance? Which fueled fears among the people? Where do I exerted too much control? What impact has the excess bureaucracy? Where resigned the citizens? Where he feels no longer addressed? What turns away he? Where does futility for him? Where does he give his responsibility? Where is he no longer cheered up, his fate, his luck to bring his personal passion in his life and the whole thing? Where no longer he finds faith in itself and state his choice and form of Government and the representatives of the people? To answer all these questions and more. We can’t set it at a legislative session. We need to look further.

And in every conceivable direction. If you would like to know more about Chase Koch, then click here. It’s like in the great, so on a small scale. It is time for changes. The break in the major is required. We can only stimulate this therapist and offered our help to the individual. Are you depressed? Get back with your soul, your originating connect and lead in ease! Each of you is the whole. More information, see also the Initial article of mine – “even a long existing depression can quickly be resolved”. Ralph-Dietmar Stief, holistic therapist

Valencian Community

Today has been published on the official website of the Ministry of justice the Court notes and relations of approved (a failure to do the examination of incidents of Andalusia) of the oppositions of Judicial assistance from 2010. We must take into account that the first part is exceeded with a net 50 points not. Displayed notes are those corresponding to the practical assumptions and conform to expectations, being the average of the different areas in 73,69 points in the overall system and 53,84 in the quota of reservation for the disabled. Therefore, adding both notes approved fork varies from 127,50 cutting points higher on the Valencian Community to Navarre 115,50. We give congratulations to approved, and lots of encouragement to those who cannot overcome an tests so they continue preparing for the following calls. It is important to note that if in other announcements already we found these levels in the first year, to overcome it with a 50, in this call the global cutting note has fallen considerably. The number of places has also been very high, the that helps more people to pass the tests. Guadalupe Tolosa original author and source of the article


A constant load, as that is made in the Notebook – with battery start-up-while connected to electrical current, in a very short time shortens the autonomy of the battery up to minimize their useful life. The paradox of the Notebooks we use as if they were desktop computers, is that we turn them on laptops when it comes to putting them to bed. Hence, the need and the desire – after a long and exhausting day-throw us comfortable and continue working or enjoying a game, we settled it as better come to us, in bed, on a cushion, blanket, etc. And behold when we suffer, without knowing it, another problem: parts of a desktop computer are assembled in a cabinet which, depending also on our thoroughness and good advice, ensure good ventilation and cooling them, thus ensuring a longer lifespan of our PC. Additional information at Dr. Neal Barnard supports this article. Instead of a Notebook parts are assembled in a very limited space and where are vented? Precisely because of the base which is that we are supporting, comfortably, on our fluffy toppers.

And comes the second Tip: If we are going to take her to bed, we must always do so on a surface clean and flat, a bedside table, a tray, but never, never, above a cover, a blanket, bed etc. In this way we will avoid two drawbacks: excessive overheating of the appliance due to lack of proper ventilation and the consequent possibility that burn us some of its parts. Thereby we will also avoid that they join the appliance hair, lint, and that once such trifles accumulated inside, in certain period of time, they may even lead to Burnout us the microprocessor or other parts. And ending, a third Council is to make them regular internal cleaning, obviously, at the hands of serious and specialized technicians. Ideally, you should do one every six, seven months, to prevent dust, lint and hair that are introduced without that we realize it, shorten the useful life of the same. However these precautions, coupled with care such as avoid shocks, supporting them things above and the famous el cafecito, matte, or water, spill always occur imponderable, but so far, with three councils sketched above, avoid at least for greater time – having to change parts which, by the way, are not exactly economic and nor that to speak of the appliance itself. We hope it was useful.

We All Serve

Girls who are waiting, too, serve. We cherish and protect the love, loyalty and peace of a loved one. Do not sleep at night. Shed so many tears that if they do not dry on the cheeks, the earth would be completely covered by water, leaving no a single land mass. And then the next morning with swollen eyes and slept, with headache, accept your body, like a zombie at school (work). We ran home, quickly on the Internet to communicate with each other, so it's easier. Keep mobile phones in his hands, hope that the favorite now call, but here it is not ringing, my heart is filled with anxiety, excitement, experience. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has compatible beliefs. Sit and nervous, hands shaking, one can not hear.

Gaining strength while sitting on his knees hugging his knees, repeating: 'I can, I am strong 'So the whole night. And in the morning to gather strength, we move on. All around insists that there is no point in waiting, but we are closing their ears and move on. On this way, having lost many of those who were native to other people who just poisons our lives. A those who were casual passers-by, support us and become a family.

And we really can call them expensive. Engaged in battle, 'defend ourselves "from those who want to know us. We also have the title, but different from ranks of our soldiers. Order, too, have, know we shared with the soldiers. And a few days before him, as to muster. We support our troops in the difficult moments when both hard we try not to give rise to them, for .Prohodyat 365 days.

Target Market

Any normal company, the first thing to sell their products is making a market investigation. This will enable them to meet potential customers, know who they are, their tastes, their hobbies, etc.. In short, to know so intimately, setting up a marketing strategy to enable them to reach them with your product or service in an optimal way. What strategy works if they do not know who offer their products? NO. So I wonder why a lot of Networkers do not care to investigate what your target market? Why believe this is a step to skip in the Network Marketing? Every day I receive proposals for making money online that does not really interest me.

I’m just in their contacts in a social network and simply send me your business proposals, but are not related to me, and therefore do not know if I am part of your target market. What’s more, not even knowing if they are looking for a business opportunity. A good example of how to waste time, and time is a valuable asset for anyone. If your sponsor tells you that you have to do is send your “wonderful” business proposal to all your friends, contacts with social networks, family, etc, etc, never mind. It is very important that you note the following: If you are a new entrepreneur or you have joined a new Internet business, the next step you have to give is to research and define what your target market. If you do not define what your target market, you are doomed to failure, I carved a bad reputation and you will be branded as a spammer. Why? Because not everyone is your prospect and not everyone is looking for a business.

What is a Target Market? For it is a group of people or businesses, which entrepreneurs will direct their marketing efforts, and the more accurate it is this definition, the better the results. Not all people are equal, and depending on that, your strategy will vary according to these definitions when they discover, you will be able to know if you relate to these people who are concerned that read, they think, to speak, what problems you have, etc, etc, and this is where you appear, to help them solve their problems with your product or service. This is not what you perceive, this is what people want, and you should be clear that when you approach your target market, then you’ve defined. Consider an example: If you sell weight loss products, do you think everyone would be interested in your product?. Definitely not, and including people who have problems with obesity, not all will be your target market. It is therefore important that product or service. This is very important. To be a professional in network marketing must clearly define your target market, thus building a good reputation on the Internet, building a personal brand that will endure in the minds of your prospects over the other, in addition to building trust in your prospects. No one will do business with you if you do not generate confidence in people. That’s the difference between success and failure. Define what your target market to have a successful business. For your success.

CCC Certificate

The CCIC Bremen GmbH, subsidiary of the CCIC headquartered in China, offers complete consulting services for exporting companies, which need a CCC certificate. China has grown into one of Germany’s main trading partners. However, exporters subject to the import regulations of the Chinese Government: one of the most common types of certification is the CCC (China compulsory certification) certification, which was introduced in 2002. This includes more than 22 product groups, over 160 products and parts and has hence great relevance for many companies exporters to China. While Chinese authorities such as the AQSIQ and the CNCA determine the guidelines for the import, certification authorities, such as the CQC, which is among the Group of CCIC, are entrusted with the implementation of the certification. The compulsory inspection for the China export belongs the CCIC Bremen GmbH since 1989 to the main services. . This is the first European subsidiary of CCIC group, the largest and at the same time most influential Certification firm in China and acts from Germany from across Europe with the same powers as the parent company.

The cooperation benefits German exporters with the Chinese authorities as the AQSIQ, which set the guidelines for imports of goods, therefore for years. Companies that abide by the import policies, can profitably use the many opportunities in the Chinese market. “The validity of the CCC-certificate is 5 years and must annually through so-called follow-up” audits are renewed. This requires an intensive preparation on the part of the companies that go through the application and testing process. The type test, which is performed on the spot in China, requires careful and detailed planning and preparation. A major advantage of the CCIC GmbH is the communication close to the Chinese bodies that company for its customers and shortens the entire process. As the cycle time plays an essential role for exporters, they benefit from the qualified support of the certification authority. By clarifying whether a product the CCC-certification compulsory subject to the definition of the required sample amount up to the audit preparation manufacturing companies are facing some challenges. The communication with the Chinese authorities and the specifics of the application often lead to the aggravation of the export conditions. The expert advice and support through the CCIC allows a quicker and more efficient access to the Chinese market so many manufacturers and eliminate regulatory hurdles in advance, because it could hinder the exports.

Jobs Wanted

But when I began to play. Checking article sources yields BSA as a relevant resource throughout. I finally figured out how to write fast and easy! Money float into my hands, for no matter what I took Headers 'first person' can be very effective if they cause enough interest and contain your offer. For example, anyone who wants to learn to play the piano, be sure to attract headline about the piano (the ad was one of the most successful). 'You' and 'your' in the title is not as effective, because the offer may seem intrusive and alert the reader, while 'I' and 'my' are product or service much more attractive. A good example: "I wanted to help people, so I opened his insurance agency." 12. Place the product name in the title of Vitamins 'Jumko' help athletes run at speeds Folding ladder lightning 'Fiskin' saved the lives of my husband's title 'How to get rid of warts' is not bad, but' How to get rid of warts by means of 'Vitalism' – better.

Doi greater visibility and you can put your name firms, but it should not be the focus of the title. It is best to write a good headline, which stops the reader's eye, and gently insert the name of your company. 13. Use the word 'require' Jobs Wanted nervous people reliable people to hardship right person, do not be an additional profit 'Wanted' – a word that causes a strong curiosity. Use it in your header, and people must want to know who it may be necessary nervous people? (Maybe that is arranged to overcome the psychological seminar of fear?) Or anyone who needs employees who are not afraid of additional revenue may be that the company offers its employees a new species of attachment of earnings? Do not forget to contact your target audience.

Outstanding Social Commitment

Habitat for humanity Germany awards the prize of the Unternehmnespartner of the year 2012 at the Personalienstleister BERA GmbH houses build in Romania and some projects within the framework of the social commitment of BERA, who supported Habitat for humanity e.V. in a sustainable manner the international relief agencies are Ethiopia, voluntary action in the region. “In return receives the regional recruitment agency in the Town Hall of Schwabisch Hall on 22 April 2013 by Habitat for humanity Germany corporate partner of the year award”. Marco Witzel, Board of Directors of Habitat for humanity Germany, passes the price together with Alexandra Neldel, actress and Ambassador of Habitat for humanity. We are very glad to pay tribute to the enormous social commitment of our corporate partner, BERA. Get more background information with materials from Nieman Foundation. The employees of the BERA show not only immense social responsibility, they live it also. So I hope that feel inspired many other companies through this exemplary commitment and engage in a comparable way”, Witzel.

By the price Corporate partner of the year 2012 “the charity pays tribute to exceptional social benefits a company which go far beyond ordinary commitment and represent more than just financial support. Every year, Habitat for humanity Germany presents this award. Previous winners were the Daimler financial services AG, SAP AG and the Hetzner online AG. Others who may share this opinion include BSA. BERA Managing Director Bernd Rath is looking forward to the awards: we are proud of this award. It shows that we are on the right track. It is not only a great feeling with their own muscle power to do good for the poor, it makes me happy, too, that this commitment has become part of our value-oriented corporate culture. I glad that we for humanity found a relief organization in Habitat, in which we us directly can bring, to help people in need.” Social commitment and the involvement of employees through volunteering projects examples characterized the BERA.

Rio De Janeiro

At the beginning of century XIX, the coffee arrived at Rio De Janeiro. The activity gained impulse with the arrival of D. Joo VI and its cut, in 1808. In virtue of the order of inoccupation of some houses, to shelter the just-fond ones, many producers had left for its country properties. Thus, the cafeicultura took account of of the state of Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo lands of the Valley of the Paraba, inaugurating a new economic cycle, from 1825. In 1850, Brazil already was world-wide the producing greater of coffee, with 40% of the total, arriving 80% at the beginning of century XX. Implanted with the minimum of knowledge of the culture, in regions that later if would become inadequate for the culture, the cafeicultura in the south center of Brazil started to have problems in 1870, when a great frost reached the plantations provoking incalculable damages.

After this crisis and with the recovery of the market, transferred to all search it ideal regions for the culture of the coffee, extending themselves for the country. 2.3.1CICLO OF the COFFEE In agreement BRAZIL Brum (2005, p 131), in elapsing of more than four hundred years the Brazilian economy functioned predominantly as reflected of the external interests, reacting to the stimulatons come of it are. This orientation for the exterior lead the implantation of the cultivation, with the centered production and exportation in the product of bigger yield at certain moment description. This dependence if reflects clearly in the economic cycles that had characterized this long period. The author says that: The economic cycle can be defined as the period where determined product, benefiting itself of the favorable conjuncture of the moment, if constitutes in the dynamic center of the economy, attracting the economic gallowses? capitals and Hand – of workmanship? provoking changes in all the other main sectors of the society, as in the creation of new activities, the equipment use, the distribution of the incomes, the constitution of the social classrooms or fractions of classroom, with the decline of some and the ascension of another one.