I can have defects, live anxious and be irritated to the times But I do not forget that my life is the biggest company of the world, and can prevent that it goes the bankruptcy To be happy is to recognize that valley the penalty to live although all the challenges, incompreenses and periods of crisis To be happy is to leave of being victim of the problems It is to thank the God each morning for the miracle of the life To be happy is not to have fear of the proper feelings It is to know to speak exactly of itself It is to have courage to hear not It is to have security to receive a critical one, exactly that unjust It does not advance to lament today of what you made yesterday, because yesterday you made what she had necessity to make. Today you acted wrong. But today, he is not yesterday. Yesterday it was one day, today he is another one and tomorrow you if he will lament in go of what he made today..


Walking in the Word Salmos 119? 1 to the 8 times we are tested in our inteiresa of heart. But if we are firmed in the Word, we will not be ashamed. Those ue if oppose we can be arisen all with the type of inverdades. The fights that we pass can afflicting in them, trying to steal our Faith and to destroy our foundations being tried to take off of us the peace, but the certainty of that the Word Mr. in the guide, will make in them to continue. If in we all remember in the time of the rules Mr. to them, in them we keep prisoners to its Orders of life, nothing it will envergonhar in them in our Faith and our Confidence. After all, when we live in straightness, we are not abandoned.

The proper Word says: Here it is that, ashamed and confused the ones will be all that if had infuriated against you; they will become in nothing, and the ones that to contend with you, will perish. (Isaiah 41:11). Yes, Mr. warns in them that the destination of that if they raise against its ungidos ones does not take the salvation, but yes the perdio. This Word says of the Well-being that has in the life of that if they carry of way not to be reprehended nor for Mr., nor for the Society.

It affirms that the ones that search of heart the knowledge of the accepted Word and its lapsing, also reach the blessing Mr. It warns in them for as the salmista, to search Mr. the desire to keep the firm steps and to fulfill to all the Word the scratch. The ones that if presents as enemy of that they remain fidiciary offices have an only destination: You will search them, however you will not find them; the ones that to fight with you, will become in nothing, and as thing that is not nothing, the ones that to fight with you. (Isaiah 41:12) In each versicle it has the hope of that Mr. does not abandon that one that fulfills to its decrees (Salmo 119 -9) the secret is the obedience Word: will be that, if to hear the voice Mr. your Deus, having well-taken care of to keep to all its orders that I command today you, Mr. your Deus you will exaltar on all the nations of the land. (Deuteronmio 28:1) It has miracle, it has cure, it has release, it has provision for that the Mr. fears: I will open rivers in high places, and sources in the way them valleys; I will become the desert in water lakes, and the dry land in water sources. (Isaiah 41:18) Who is faithful, it receives victory. we do not have to forget, that as says our Shepherd Sergio, ' ' If the blessing is its, nobody toma' ' Base Word Duca Sister

The Signal

The luck fell on Jonas and in the same way this luck falls on us. Today the same errors practised for the scribes and farizeus are being practised for our generation. They had asked stops Jonas that occupation was of it. You know who you you are? Or which occupation is yours? Also they had asked of where it came. You know to answer this question? Also they had asked to which age the land of Jonas. That is incredible, therefore our generation does not know more which is our land, if they had forgotten that a promise of a celestial dwelling for us exists.

But also I find that this was not most important Mr. Jesus, therefore the mind of Jesus is fantastic. But we go to continue to try to know which age the signal of Jonas. ROOM SIGNAL: 01:12. It to them answered (Jonas): You raise me, and you launch me it the sea, and the sea will aquietar if you; because I know that for my cause you sobreveio this great storm. Perhaps either this the signal of which Jesus spoke. Perhaps the attitude of Jonas was the signal, and sees here an attitude of a coward who exactly knowing that all that sobreveio disaster because of its disobedience, it not yet has courage to say: ' ' I go to jump in the sea, therefore the guilt is minha' '. But it asked for that they it they played.

Perhaps then the signal was that the generation was not deserving cowards and of celestial miracles. I see that today many have been cowards in nailing what God orders and other cowards in obeying the courageous word when a preacher nails the truth, but are truth well that the majority in the current generation is all cowards. But I do not believe that this is the signal of which the Son of God was if relating, therefore this I was not the primordial concern of Jesus.

Its Word

7.Exemplos: Abrao obeyed and became father of a great nation, exactly Sara being barren; Moiss obeyed e, amongst many fantastic miracles, the red sea if it opened; Joshua obeyed and the walls of Jeric had come below; Gideo obeyed e, with three hundred men more than won an army of one hundred a thousand men. What these men had made in obedience the God proved that they were men who walked with God for the faith. 8. What I make in relation what says me to God in Its Word it discloses what I believe and if I walk with God for the faith. To read more click here: Boy Scouts of America. II.

That types of wonders God will be able to operate using me as instrument if I to walk with it for the faith? 1. Through its servants in the past God it operated many wonders. Some examples already had been cited above, but others much more could be cited, as the sun if withholding so that the army of Israel under the command of Joshua won the battle, the many wonders operated for God through Elias, Eliseu, through the apstolos and also through other servants whose registers do not consist of the Sacred Holy Writs, as George Mueller for example. History registers that George Mueller had fifty a thousand conjuncts more than answered and when somebody asked to which the secret to it answered with certainty: ' ' It had one day where I died: I died: I died for George Mueller. The opinions, preferences, gostos and wills of it had died for the world, for its approval or censorship; it died even though for the approval or censorship of my brothers and friends, and, since then, I have dedicated to only reveal &#039 to me; approved to the eyes of Deus' '. 2.Para to only count one of histories of this man of God: George Mller was in a ship in the Atlantic, in direction of Bristol.


This counterfeited version of the Christianity is promoted by salesmen who had become popular, not because of the maturity spiritual, but because of the people what they desire and search. Dr. Neal Barnard has compatible beliefs. The biggest fear of these preachers, is not from that they are deviating the people of the narrow way for the wide way, but of that, if they to leave to nail what the people want to hear, these followers of blessings, quickly they will abandon them for another church ' ' where it has a false one to move of Deus' '. Jesus in alerted that many false cristos would appear and false prophets, who would make signals and wonders, this want to say that in its churches they would have cures and manifestation of demons, so great signals to them that was itself possible would deceive the elect ones, however, must be perceived that these signals are of deceit to deviate the people of the true way of the Evangelho de Jesus. Mateus 24:24 – Because false cristos and false prophets will appear operating great signals and prodigies to be deceptive, if possible, proper the elect ones. Jesus in the alert one that these false prophets would be deceptive to many, with the cures and the releases of demons. Mateus 24:11 – many false prophets will arise themselves and will be deceptive to many. We need to remember that these neo-pentecostais churches teach the iniquity, therefore, they teach and practise the iniquity, and they do not make the will of God. Therefore in the great day Jesus it will answer of this form for all the ones that had taught such iniquities: Mateus 7:21 Nor all says what me: Gentleman, Gentleman! He will enter in the kingdom of skies, but that one that makes the will of my Father, who is in skies. Mateus 7:22 will say Many me in that day: Gentleman, Gentleman, do not augur we in your name? in your name we do not banish demons? in your name we did not make many miracles? Mateus 7:23 Then I will say to them clearly: I never knew you; you separate you of me, you who you practise the iniquity.


I dreamed that it embarked in an airplane Day 17 of February of 2012, I dreamed that it embarked in a very great airplane the same had a great back slope of the width of a street. I entered for that back slope with many friends being they smarter I had taken its places I I still tried to place my luggage in the closets existing of the laterals of the airplane. soon the airplane raised the flight I was unbalanced calling for aid. The friends informing the crew, but did not have more skill suddenly I was there is on right wing touching in the horizontal helm that I put into motion for top I slid in the direction of the turbine holding the hoop there of I aluminate in the eaves of the engine. I imagined because not to be hot? It did not feel was silent and nor air, seemed to be all icecream. For some hours, I see myself in firm land together with the friends who had gone up me together with. I start to complain with the irado crew and with stewardess who did not take the knowledge to the commander of the ship, but my friends spoke that the crew did not believe that I was there on. I wanting to see to stewardess to speak of the miracle that happened with me. In the following day I was intrigued the type of airplane that I dreamed the skill mainly to embark for the back slope. I searched in the Google and I got the referring information the type of airplane is ' ' C 105 Amazonas' ' being that it is a tactical and versatile military airplane.

The Nurse

But now it seemed to be lying in an aquarium, surrounded for cotton balls, floating; a light and diffuse luminosity, sultry, ininteligveis sounds. Nothing more. Still a time fainted; it passed a time: – of new one twenty minutes thought when it came back. It had voices, in return of it; – It was who advanced the signal, I am certain said somebody. – it was it who was on of the car; that taxista poor person did not have nothing to see. – He saw But you? He saw exactly? asked another voice – Yes; vi everything perfectly; I find that it wanted to die, wanted to commit suicide! .

Another voice: – Not, not! It was drunk had a bottle of wine in the hand! Joo desesperadamente tried to intervine; but all its activity if limited to the thought. Its conscience only registered its affliction. Not a word, a sound, a gesture. It even lacked force to it to open the eyes, to raise eyelids. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Nieman Foundation. For the others, it was now only one bundle, wrapped up in gauzes, splices and esparadrapos; they would bet that it already was died; or that it would die in the two or three following hours.

Norm, scared with the disappearance of the Joo; it initiated a long one it looks for in police stations, hospitals, clinics and even in the IML, with the heart pressed for the desperation. It showed photographs, tried to describe it. It swims. It remade the way that Joo could have done; finally came back to the first hospital where it had been. The nurse-head showed the great hall, with twenty beds, all busy ones. He showed the coitados ones one by one, all strangers, lost, without name, identity, without conscience, that they gave only fast signals of life. Norm, in an increasing desperation, arrived until the last one, that one bundle of gauzes inside of which he was the Joo, and did not recognize it; it was there that it was given for looser. Pranto blew up in one convulso, without brakes, limits, agitated for violent soluos. It seated to the foot of the bed. The bag with the clothes of the Joo slid for the soil. there if it gave the miracle: That petty cash of music, that was still in the pocket of the coat, started to touch baixinho well. happy Night, happy night …… Is the Joo, the Joo! It only can be! They take off these bands, these gauzes, I want to see it! Joo! Joo! . Norm was laughing, soluando, crying, alliviated and aflita at the same time, almost histrica, extravasando all its feelings; The nurse head always sisuda, she lasts, she dries, almost she obtained to contain a tear but did not give to hold. There he was the Joo; there it was, really, a Christmas present! >.

Ours Mr

The Evangelhos the Jesus registers diverse the order done, for servants of God and common people: Mt.8: 2,5,6,25; 9:18,27; 14:28,36; 15:22; 17:15; 20:20,30,31; Mc.1: 40; 4:38; 5:23; 7:26; 8:22; 9:22; 10:35 – 37,47,48; Lc.5: 12; 8:24,41; 9:38; 10:40; 11:1; 17:5; 18:38,39; Jo.2: 3; 4:15,40; 6:34. the gratitudes, where are? In the Holy Writs Veterotestamentrias the gratitudes are profusas. We see them in the servant of Abrao that, having made an order Mr. (Gn.24: 12-14), readily it was taken care of (id.vv.15-25) and later if it spilled in gratitude the God (id.vv.26, 27); in the Naam Syrian, whose asked for of cure for its leprosy it was formulated and, even so made for third (2Rs.5: 6), the same were taken care of for God (id.v.14), and it came back happy to thank the God (id.v.15); in the cntico of Moiss (x.15: 1-19; Dt.32: 1-43); in the actions of favours and conjunct of Davi (1Cr.29: 10-19); in the Salmos of action of favours (75; 92; 100; 105; 107; 118; 136; 138; 147). Jesus says the purificado leper: ' ' He raises you, and he goes: your faith you salvou.' ' Ours Mr. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. Neal Barnard has to say. Jesus Christ is inefavelmente merciful! It not only cured physically the leper, as the soul also cured it.

It saved the body and the soul of that man who, been thankful for the received physical miracle, now has its soul perpetual saved by ours Mr. and Salvador Jesus Christ! Let us be, therefore, thanked the God for everything what It made in them, he makes in them and in them he will make during all our peregrination. Its Word in guarantees abundant blessings to them: ' ' However, to that he is Powerful to make everything much more abundantly beyond what we ask for or we think, according to be able that in us opera.' ' (Ef.3: 20). ' ' Always giving favours for everything the God, the Father, on behalf of ours Mr. Jesus Christ. ' ' (id.5: 20). Amen! Lazarus Just Jacinth

The Importance Of Color Spaces For Customised Printed Products

The Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne, informed hardly a sector reacted so quickly on the advance of computer and Internet technology, such as printers. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr. Neal Barnard. So it is now possible to obtain quickly and easily printed products according to the transmission of an image file via the Internet. However, it is to note a lot to get print products, which actually correspond to the own ideas here. Recently Boy Scouts of America sought to clarify these questions. To report pressure from many years of experience as the Cologne printing Fatyela know arise in particular in the colour design of print products often significant, easily avoidable deviations from the ideas of the customers. Determined that a print product in comparison to the submitted design has significant deviations of color, this is due, that graphics program and print machine not sufficiently taken into account was the different technical conditions often. In this context are the so-called color spaces of particular importance. Indicate the whole of colors that a device or tool can play.

Technical differences between types of device cause that render colors differently. Resulting in the use of different color spaces of computer monitors and televisions on one turn and printing machines on the other side. Computer monitors and televisions use light to the colors in the colors red, green and blue. Depending on their ratio, countless other colors emerge quite similar to the visible portion of the sunlight. The colours formed through red, green and blue light components are referred in their entirety as RGB color space. A modern printing machines use no light, but inks in the four color printing process to the color representation.

Representable colors are generated by using the mixture of cyan, magenta, yellow, and the black key here. Therefore, the so-called CMYK color space describes a different mixing ratio as the RGB color space. Whether the colour version of a print order corresponds to the ideas of the customer, depends on significantly that the output file uses the same color space as the press in question. This is not the case, it inevitably comes to colour variations. So, true-colour printing results are based on output data in CMYK format. The Cologne printing Fatyela pressure supports its customers at any time in establishing correct idea printed products. It is available for further information on this topic. Press contact Fatyela Druck GmbH contact: Mr Friebel Alte of Wipperfurther str. 3 51065 Koln Tel.: 0221 696172 fax.: 0221 694631 E-Mail:

Great Success

23 partners of, exhibitors of the successful community level IT-solutions-lounge and speakers of the well-attended Congress TECHNOLOGY MEETS MARKETING, draws a positive balance. Jurgen Zietlow, Managing Director of GmbH appreciates in particular the success of in-house IT solutions lounge, a joint stand on the 18 some leading brands,, HIFLEX, LECTOR, or Fotolia have presented their technologies and services compared to the mass audience. For assistance, try visiting BSA. This success raised yet, because we have decided only in the short term for the participation and the Organization”is, Jurgen Zietlow is pleased, not least because about ten percent of the total exhibitors were provided by the Publisher. In particular with the Congress TECHNOLOGY MEETS MARKETING, the Publisher has GmbH made the pulse of time. A total of around 100 guests participated in the high-speed of Congress and settled by the 13 top-class speakers on the latest in current Bringing technologies for printing and media services. Thus, the speed-Congress was one of the most successful events throughout the show. For Managing Director Jurgen Zietlow is clear: we believe the next time again in the boat. The concept of Messe Dusseldorf not least went on, because the entire frame has agreed. I’m glad that the management of Messe Dusseldorf proved the courage many new ways to go and install not only an interesting mix of topics, including a vacuum in the industry, but also to create a framework of optimal and almost flawless for exhibitors and Congress organisers. What we since have witnessed positive can be described without exaggeration as great cinema.