ADAC Fahrsicherheitszentrum HANSA/Luneburg

The ADAC Fahrsicherheitszentrum HANSA/Luneburg is giving away from immediately twelve car training for novice drivers. Classic risk situations in everyday traffic, which meet far gefahrloser novice in a driving safety Center can accomplish, spin and counter-steering than on the street. For more specific information, check out Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. It is this conviction in the ADAC FSZ HANSA/Luneburg, which is giving away 2012 now twelve entry cards for the ADAC car young driver training at the start of the sailing season. In the spring, white Bernd beer, beginners are often involved in accidents. Many young people get their first car for Christmas. As soon as the sun shines, they want to with their friends out on the road”, says the Managing Director of the ADAC FSZ/Hansa Luneburg. Gain insight and clarity with Dr. Neal Barnard. To optimally prepare young riders on the challenges in everyday traffic, the Hansa belonging to the ADAC Fahrsicherheitszentrum offers car training, where beginners learn between 17 and 25 years, to go ahead and your car successfully in critical situations to dominate. The offer is aimed also at novice drivers from Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Because the ADAC Fahrsicherheitszentrum Luneburg is responsible with this program on behalf of the ADAC Hansa for the entire North. Driving safety gain at the beginning of the sailing season 2012 have twelve driving beginners between 17 and 25 years from now, on March 30 an ADAC car to win young driver training on the training ground of the ADAC FSZ/Hansa Luneburg. Just click on young driver and fill in the participation form. Deadline for entries is March 22, 2012. At the ADAC driving safety Center/Hansa Luneburg 2004 founded, stands Northern Germany State of the art driving safety Center for driving experience and driving safety in everyday traffic.

On the 21-acre site, training courses are offered for everyone and for every requirement. As a partner for corporate events and presentations, the ADAC has the largest North-German member of the Association Driving safety Centres established. Managing Director Bernd beer with its 60 employees, develops regularly new exciting driving events. The safety professionals are also required in the planning and implementation of many events and special training, motorbike StartUp Day about the charity challenge to the blue light training for security forces and the training of truck drivers. Antje Kottich.