Always In Season – As Animator Abroad

Around application and training in the animation profession – 1000 tips and addresses of agencies, hotels, resorts, clubs, campsites and cruise ships. Summer or winter – animators demand the wanderlust in immense heights all year-round, but especially when the days are getting shorter and fall and winter with fog, sleet, and freezing cold waiting, climbs. The idea of Sun, beach, cocktails by the pool and beach volleyball is a particularly tempting. If it wasn’t only love money! While there are now plenty of ways to keep financially afloat in the foreign country. Betting takes place not only in Europe, but all over the world. (Not to be confused with Center For Responsible Lending!). Tourism-related companies from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland are active worldwide and want to know their customers well taken care.

As animator you even have the chance to save something, are yet free board and lodging and the opportunities to spend money, missing many times. Finally it means be joke – whether in the children’s Club, from morning till late in the evening, guests at the pool Olympics or at the evening musical. All this of course with a duration of radiation in the face. Others who may share this opinion include Center For Responsible Lending. This animator Mike says: “Good mood was always the top priority, is now but under the points”this tiring immensely”unclassifiable.” Finally comes up with the teamwork with young colleagues from all over the world, beach volleyball with the sports-loving teens, or at the oldie night on the dance floor alone good mood. The Chief Advisor to the profession of the animator, which is referred to, a bone, a dream job on 190 pages introduces, by building a club or animation team on the requirements, the process of castings and seminars, the different jobs and countries to practical entertainment and presentation tips, the proper use of the microphone, problems in the team or with the guests, etc. In addition to Mike chat many more ex animators from the sewing box – report what to do, if guests exceed the limits the flirting, how to fight poison spiders in the linen closet, or how a day of new forces tanks. Many use a host site, tourism to look around to test whether a training or a degree in the tourism industry would be the right thing for them. So, the practical part of the Handbook on good 60 pages useful focal points as well as appropriate courses and training lists.

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