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The wedding table is the inspiration for virtual gift portals that simplify now giving birth and baptism what should I give my daughter, granddaughter, or friend to the birth or baptism of the child? How to get the gift I really need? These questions don’t torture only all relatives, but also friends and acquaintances and the to personalize themselves. It is got yet so that we receive often many gifts double or exactly what we have bought us yourself. And also the really desired product is often “not and we then try to run to the unwanted by the Mall” to convert. Smile with a labored, we say thank you nicely”and thereby schons remember we pass it on who or where we can change it. Stress in high potency, which you can now just go out of the way. Already our grandparents and great-grandparents new roads have taken to do so: the wedding table, an original invention of resourceful merchants is a now common method to the to be given”not to stress. The brilliant idea for a wedding table was implemented by the Chicago Department store Marshall field’s in 1924.

Goal was to show patterns of household items, wishing the bride and groom, to exhibit and the relatives and friends who then could choose that which they intended to give. Now, in the time of the Internet, there are new possibilities: the American Department store chain target in 1993 for the first time offered a virtual wedding registry on the Internet. The giver could retrieve a list, with the products that really want the recipient. This method has prevailed now also for other occasions. Dates, such as birth and baptism are such events, including many small gifts are often desirable. Virtual wishlist and wishlists can be create simply with catalog choice, send by E-Mail and the giver can choose this, what is most comfortable for your style and budget. The current state of the list, which product yet schenkbar”is, everyone can query online.

The actual contract is made with the giver, which can send the goods to itself, or directly to the recipient. Good providers in addition to own goods to offer many products of other mail-order companies to come up with a wide range. The success story of the wedding table is next, and who have not tried it, which said the acceptance has increased considerably in recent years and it couldn’t be easier. (Ralf Thomas, trade PR OGH,)