Andalusia Autonomous

The administrative organization of Spain since the arrival of democracy consists of 17 regions or autonomous communities that grouped the existing provinces before this new organization at the same time. Some of these autonomous communities grouped several provinces as it is the case of Andalusia with 9 provinces or Catalonia with 4 provinces and others are Uniprovinciales as it is the case of the autonomous community of Murcia, or the Region of La Rioja with its capital at Logrono. Within uniprovinciales communities is the case of the capital of Spain, Madrid which is at the same time autonomous community and province of Madrid. Learn more at: Boy Scouts of America. The Organization of postal codes was established in Spain in 1982 and the existing provinces were used for their distribution. The postal code in Spain is composed of 5 numereos. The first 2 identify the province and the other 3 digits identify the sector or area of distribution of the postal service.

In this way, we have for example the case of the Madrid that is identified with the number 28 followed by another 3 zip code numbers than in the case of the code a postcard from madrid city range from the 28001 to the 28.054. From the 28,100 onwards apply to villages or towns in the autonomous community of Madrid outside the capital. In some of these populations they also encompass several numbers due to their size or number of inhabitants as it is the case of Alcorcon, Mostoles, Alcala de Henares, Getafe, etc. You can consult the detail of all the Spanish provinces with images of landscapes and monuments on this site about photos of Spain.