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In this lesson she had the presentation of Francisco Edivan in which ‘ approached the subject; ‘ The Globalizazo’ ‘ intitled of: ‘ ‘ THE GLOBALIZATION: CHANCES AND RISCOS’ ‘ (10/11/2009) The globalization can be understood as the process of integration between the economies and society of some countries, especially as for the production of merchandises and services, to the financial markets, and to diffusion of information. To the globalization speech if it thinks soon about marked, I deal. For commerce it is understood purchase and sales of products or values. The international trade if opportunely guided, promotes the development and is capable to create new jobs and to supply useful resources. One of the basic tasks of the actors of the international economy, as it was presented, is the attainment of an integral and solidary development for the humanity, that is, ‘ ‘ to promote all the men and the man todo’ ‘. He was also said that the Teaching warns the requirement to consider a great educative and cultural workmanship. But the question enters: where? The charity is the way master of the Social doctrine of the Church. To live the charity in the truth (Caritas in veritate) leads to understand that the adhesion to the values of the Christianity is a useful and exactly indispensable element for the construction of a society and a true integral human development. The entire Church, in all its to act, when it announces, celebrates and acts in the charity, tends to promote for a civilization of amor’ ‘ (24/11/2009) The presenter displayed that the authority of the Church in social substance is basically based on the fact of being it ‘ ‘ master in humanidade’ ‘ Yahoo! Babel Fish – Text Translation and Web Page Translation

road of the revolution, the change of all coisas’ ‘ (Spe Salvi 20).

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