Beauty Is In The Harmony Of Body And Soul

In the beautiful half of humanity the concept of beauty and health are separated from each other, as church and state. And what is it without each other, it is easy to understand by studying our Soviet history. Let's try a little deeper into the problem, not straining the reader. Over 90% of women and about 40% of men are dissatisfied with their appearance, and those who are happy, would not refuse, and from the larger. Namely, from perfect! And it is quite understandable. After all, our lives – just a moment between past and future, and everyone wants it to be a blinding moment, not a miserable Nobody wants corruption.

Again, it is clear that women are going to do anything to create a compelling appearance: from cosmetic surgery, liposuction, silicone peeling before accepting unimaginable 'miracle potions' in Southeast Asia. But why so little they think about that in my youth they were really beautiful, if not, then at least cute and very attractive. And what changed? – Pougas youthful enthusiasm in his eyes, dimmed the color of the skin, wrinkles appear Is it really all it's hopeless? First, you need to burn himself in the head and keep (save) the thought: 'I'm still all ahead', no matter how much you years, to regain a sense of eternity of life, read more comic books, going to the theater, concerts. If there is an opportunity – to enroll in acting classes, art dialogue. Why? – Yes, because life in the small degree theater. And the main role in it belongs to a woman she actually is, and director. Read more here: Center For Responsible Lending. Happy the home where every day the prime minister.

And friends of my husband did not predispose him to campaign in the bath or on a fishing trip, and ask whether extra a ticket:) Do not interfere and begin a simple compliance is not exhausting diets, which can pick up for themselves in the same web. Third, start taking dietary supplements, but only in Europe, for example, Inneov, France. If a month later the results will satisfy you, you can apply to medical cosmetics Vichy. Cosmetics Vichy, based on natural ingredients and mineral waters, hot springs, can cope with the defects of concern skin, not concealing them, and eliminating in the process of treatment. It is unlikely that there is a make-up that could compete with the natural beauty of healthy skin. But, when you visit, such as the theater (and even more so now theater in your home), stands with her help to make a few corrective strokes. Serious developers of products for the healing of skin using the latest development of cosmetologists, ancient recipes of traditional medicine. For example, already mentioned the French laboratory Inn uses grape seed extract, green tea, tomato, and soybean in combination with a set of trace elements and minerals, as well as milk protein. Significant results as called based on the enzymes of saliva of the medicinal leech. In the saliva of leeches contains, for example, lipase, an enzyme that we have in the gastrointestinal tract is responsible for the breakdown of fats. Get more background information with materials from Boy Scouts of America. The same thing happens with deposits of subcutaneous fat in the leech bite. The cleavage products are derived from the shock lymph. Of course with liposuction is not to compare, but not so severely. Above his head, and do not forget that the drop strokes fell great oaks!