Benefits Foundation

Join us creatively, because not always all needs are really aware of all customers. 3. Product range and types of offer who knows his customers and their needs, can now go to the to sammenstellung of the product range and offer. It is important to align the product range mainly on the core target group and to win the trust of competent product detail pages. The range forms (Bundleangebote, sample orders and consignments) have a significant impact on purchase volume and subsequent purchases. Nowadays in modern marketing, also a clear positioning is a must: the customer must just accept what they offer to whom.

Unique selling propositions (USP) also include: what are their strengths, what makes you unique, what are you doing better than the competition, and why it is worth to buy from you? A USP is one of the Home of shops and must be concise and a commonly formulated. But also economic interests and issues of effort are important: what the profit margin is and how large the logistics, support or sales effort? 4. Benefits Foundation and communication wish customers problem solutions and a clearly identifiable core use and not lists of boring technical specifications. A photo camera shop convinced not with megapixel sensors and lenses of his cameras, but with the exciting communicated benefits Foundation, to be able to shoot simple landscapes impressive way or great portraits like a pro and the rugged camera easily into a jacket pocket. The benefits must be communicated convincingly and competently on the needs designed the core target group. Especially exciting, emotional, performance-oriented and application-oriented product texts and presentations, sell and convince customers really. Boring, dry and technical texts are the surest way to move visitors to the competition. To the communication include also the optimum choice of formats (videos, whitepapers, dynamic product presentations) and media (newsletters, social media, chat rooms), which first of all best to the communication tasks and products fit, which reaches potential customers second and third best can be addressed.