My life today is quite complicated because the school address and administer the house, I have also meditation group activities, I am a floral therapist and I do as a service and follow my discipline every day, but now I enjoy it much, I think so children have fun. I can not deny that sometimes I am overwhelmed by so many things that suddenly seem to be coming as cascade, but many times of the day I'm happy, seeing my life as a process and constantly in my mind, might say that living fully. I was a long way to go, keep working, now that until the very moment of my death. "Oh divine force that allows me to flourish in everything and everyone touch the essence of you and me .. of what believed so far …. I am part of you, no more alone … .., I have come to surprise you! …., you are me … impenetrable hiding place in my heart a few days, few hours …

looking for you in the branches, in the tricky wind steps in the morning. I'm your same … I know … … we are one, everything and nothing … ….

I could go on talking about these experiences that have come to fill my life and giving me a new path to continue …. But the important thing is that I feel I walk every day and I have very happy …. The family closest to that Buddhism has played, because my approach is my brother, that when I started the master lived with me because I spent a crisis of neuropathy that was started following the death of my father.