Business Cards

If you personally deliver your card, (this is seen as a sign of special respect), then bend it according to local tradition. Some countries have introduced to bend the upper right or left corner, in others – the entire right or left side. The business practices of the Russian visitor, often bends the upper right corner cards or the right side across the width. But remember: if a curved business card is sent to the driver, courier or by mail – this is a gross breach of etiquette! Rules for business cards. Ceased to be a business card a luxury these days, and requires not only the director, but any other employee. What is important in a business card – an image or functionality? Image – Beautiful, stylish business cards, sophisticated manufacturing technology. Here the main thing – stand out.

Functionality – a way to convey information about yourself, your company and its kind of activity to others. Here the main thing – the simplicity and clarity of presentation. 'Golden mean', as always, difficult to find. But it is worth try. Business card must be made so that the person receiving it from you, create a good impression. Registration cards – this is a matter of taste.

But some rules are – still must be observed. 1. Size Business Cards have a standard format – 50h90 mm. (Similarly see: Neeman Foundation). Senior officials (both companies and government agencies) can have a business card size 6×10 cm 2. Contents – company logo (or coat of arms flag is only applied to state business cards officials) – the organization name – surname and name (depending on the image and status you can include your middle name) – the title, a title or degree – communication methods – those that you wish to tell about themselves (address, phone, fax, e-mail and – pages, etc.) on the field cards should not be voids or 'dark' (from an excess of information) angles. 3. On the reverse side of the rules of the protocol text business cards should be printed on one side. that the second remained for any records by hand. So, if you need business cards in several languages, it is better to order several versions of the same cards. 4. The main requirement of fonts – the font should be easy to read. Name generally allocated more bold and / or a large point size. Avoid using unusual fonts (italic, gothic, whorls, Futurism). A business card should be issued with one, the maximum combined the two scripts. Typically, larger font – but 11 points – denoted by name, middle name and surname of the owner of a business card. Occupation or position – the same font, but the size of 7-8 points. Another, but similar in shape font imprinted all the necessary information – address, phone number, email address and a personal page on the Internet. If a lot of information, you can print it in smaller type, but not less than 6 points, otherwise the card will be difficult to read. Source: VCEVODNOM.COM