Christian Church

This is truly a good concern but who supports it? In the Internet, the Church promotes to use their platforms to make the community actively with. But in reality, arbitrary powers – rulers, who want to make sure that in the municipalities of nothing moves and changes to the positive rule apparently in many communities. If you are not convinced, visit Kidney Foundation. You have, it seems at least – the power acquired and disposed of the sense of public service in the Church. In the Lutheran hymnal is the “theological Declaration of barmen”. Because it says in the fourth thesis – not a Ministry in the Church has the right to rule over another. Dr. Markus Droge, Bishop of the Evangelical Church of Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia, has before his election assures that the theological Declaration of barmen was him particularly at heart.

Are still to this commitment of Bishop? Or is it like in the policy, that promise have lost their validity after the election? It’s strange that nobody, not even the dedicated kids and their parents supported the church leadership. So the new “Church of the freedom” of course: children, free creativity and individuality, free of believers? Houses of worship without people? That doesn’t really make sense. All these are misconceptions or is there a plan that has a macabre objectives? God has this community and who lost? How is everything in an enlightened Christian society – anno 2011 possible? In the spring of 2010, the parish issued several 10,000 – for a so-called circle Kirchentag, where at least so is done, when the parish was interested in an open, inviting, friendly and creative politics. If man, in the municipality of equally friendly and child friendly want to work the same parish before that pushes a bolt. What’s the point? The Church pays no taxes to the State, because it is a charitable company and takes no effort–win to achieve.