I remember long ago I filled out a form, one more of many, but this was an Internet business that I really liked and eventually end up being an active member. In those days he received information concerning the business, among so many letters, I received one which included the Circle of Hate, from that moment and after having read so many others, this happened to be one of my favorites here is: Do you know the Circle Lord of Hate A major shout to director of his company because he was angry at that time. The director, came to his house and shouted to his wife, charging that he was spending too much, because he had a hearty lunch at the table, His wife used to cry because he broke a plate. The employee kicked the dog because the trip was. The dog ran out and bit a woman who was passing through the village, because it was hindering their exit through the door That lady went to the pharmacy to get a vaccine and to heal the wound, and cry to the pharmacist, because it hurt the vaccine to be applied. The pharmacist, came to his house and screamed at her mother because the food was not to his liking His mother, tolerant, and a source of love and forgiveness, caress her hair saying, dear Son, I promise that tomorrow makes your favorite food .

You work hard, you’re tired and needs a good night’s sleep. I will change your bed linens clean, dry and other scented so you can rest in peace. Tomorrow you’ll feel better. He blessed his son and left the room, leaving him alone with his thoughts. At that time, was stopped CIRCLE OF HATE, because they clash with tolerance, gentleness, forgiveness and love.