Coconut Ice Cream

Premium coconut products provide unprecedented taste! Who wants to get into the summery warm Germany a true South Pacific breeze in the home garden, which is well advised with the new Dr. Gorg premium coconut products. Because the extremely carefully manufactured products in raw food quality conjure up the pure taste of a fresh coconut on a plate. Germany in the heat record! Who wants there not a refreshing dip with a touch of South seas “as Britta Diana Petri, health and nutritionist of RainbowWay Academy from Hassloch in Mannheim. And flux, the experienced vital food maker EAD creates a healthy ice cream from raspberries, which is sweetened only with a few juicy Medjol dates.

The real secret lies however in coconut products Dr. Goerg “says Britta thrilled. Since these include the pure scent of a ripe coconut. The reason for this lies in the particularly gentle manufacturing process “explains Manfred Gorg, Dr. Gorg premium organic coconut products.

The coconut oil, coconut mousse and coconut powder are heated throughout the entire production chain not over 38 C “so Gorg. The Besonderdaran is that this valuable content and flavor preserved and the pure enjoyment of coconut in any court comes to full fruition. “This has detected also Britta Diana Petri in the spring of this year immediately, as she was allowed to meet the products Dr. Goerg on the raw food fair Rohvolution in Berlin. Since then conjures up some culinary South Seas dream on the plate, which is not only healthy, but also still wonderfully fragrant after freshly cracked coconuts is himself. Recipe suggestion by Britta Diana Petri RainbowWay Academy: raspberry coconut cassata with raspberry sauce and almond carob crumbs ingredients 2 3 people. Preparation: 30 min. + freezing time for the ice cream: 500 g fresh raspberries freeze several hours 3 Tablespoons Dr. Gorg coconut Mustat 1 EL Dr. Gorg coconut flour 1-2 Medjol dates pitted (E.g. by seedling) for the sauce: 200 g fresh raspberries (one pair for the set retained) 1 small ripe banana for the crumbs: 1 handful of almonds of 1 handful green raisins 1 Teaspoon carob 1. The frozen raspberries with the coconut sauce, coconut flour and the dates in a food processor (food processor) and process a kind of ice cream shape. Then on a plate or in a bowl as a cake dish. 2. the fresh raspberries with the banana in the Blender/mixer purieren and give about the raspberry coconut ice cream. 3. almonds, raisins and carob to a crumbly mass cuttern / grind and sprinkle over the sauce. Then garnish with fresh raspberries back retained.