DJ Tool

It's no secret that the mixer is a basic tool DJ. It is through this device and there is mixing of several audio sources into a single signal, so that we can enjoy electronic music and surprising new compositions. Choosing a DJ console – is no easy matter, and not just for beginners. The longer a person engaged in music, the more claims he has the equipment to, and it natural and important especially for DJs. With increasing abilities to the game, usually increases, and a set of equipment, and with the increasing need of equipment and a remote with more features. It is hardly necessary to recall the role of functionality, convenience and personal comfort in the reduction of the plates, each DJ eventually makes its own demands on DJ-mixer, comparing his ability to play and behavioral control at work. So, before you begin to consider models that define some terminology and a DJ console device.

Most low-cost panels contain usually two to three channels. Each channel – a dedicated line for a signal from the Player goes to the line input and then converted in the console mixing with the signal of another channel, or changes in EQ or with the built-in effects. Each channel in addition to line- should be supplied with Phono input for the player. The more channels includes control, the more sound sources can be connected, respectively, acquiring multi-channel console, jockey expands scope for implementation their creative ideas. On the other hand, a greater number of channels is reflected in the price is on the table more space and may not be a fit. Each mixer must necessarily have a headphone jack with opportunity by channel listening. In addition to the master stereo output is highly desirable to have console output to the monitor, output to a recording device breaks the loop effects, mic-in.