Earn Money

There are several things that could be done with Facebook. For example we could sell products thanks to the help of a number of applications. It depends on that things are that we sell, but there are all kinds of applications that can help us. If we are musicians have applications that can help us to better sell our records, as well as if we have another kind of profession. These are some of the applications that can help them earn an extra money using Facebook. Nieman Foundation might disagree with that approach.

1) Cafepress: there is an agreement between cafespress and facebook, we can sell our products to our facebook profile through. (2) eBay: one of the best pages of auctions that exist on the internet offers you the opportunity to highlight any product you want to sell on eBay to all your facebook friends. (3) FlameTunes: If you’re a musician and you want that your works are known in all the world do not hesitate to use this application. ((4) Garage Sale: in association with Buy.com, Garage Sales allows all kinds of products, either from books, bikes, clothes, etc. 5) Lemonade: you can choose products from a selection of web pages, add them to your profile and earn a Commission for each of your sales.

6) My Merch Store: create your products with Zazzle.com and then you can sell them through its website or through your profile on facebook. (7) Shopit: You can create a mini store and sell all products to your friends through this application. Another aspect to consider is an application called Pay Me: Pay month is a program to send and receive money, but has the particularity that is made directly from Facebook. You only need to enter our email address which we use PayPal so that other people can send money without having to reveal all our information from PayPal. Others may send us money via credit cards, money banking simply through your PayPal account.