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The structure of functioning and organization, as well as the courses, programs and partnerships could be had access through our homepage in link of the FACIB in the Internet. Televib – hours of educational radio – Educative Television of the Ibiapaba, that transmits its images only through the Internet, already produced about 120 (one hundred and twenty) hours of educative videos, approaching some thematic ones. This almost represents 1 (one) week of transmission uninterrupted without repeating the programming in open canal. One of the programming lines deals with the set of documents production of 11 (eleven) Pertaining to the state of Cear Cities where the FAEDI acts, portraying, economic aspects, politicians, social and tourist historical. Another line of programming deals with the production of videos portraying the artisan flour production, rapadura, aguardente, bricks, roofing tiles and ceramics, whose objective is to rescue these old practical ones forgotten for the modernization process. We still register the educative production of events and lectures, as well as cultural activities of crucial importance for the formation of the citizenship and acquisition of new knowledge.

All the programming can be seen in link of the Televib, through our vestibule in the world-wide net of Internet. RADIB – 180 educative audio hours of radio – Educative Radio of the Ibiapaba, that transmits its productions only through the Internet, already produced about 180 (one hundred eighty) audio hours of educative. This almost represents 8 (eight) days of uninterrupted transmission without repeating the programming, approaching some thematic ones. One of the programming lines deals with the production of musics of groups of oxen and reizados, musics of groups of capoeira, regional musics of violeiros and artists, supported for the FAEDI. One of the pretensions of the FAEDI is to disponibilizar to the listeners a great repertoire of classic musics of free access to improve our programming.

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