Espirito Santo

What she takes the religious radicalism? It would be fear? Lack of humanity? Guilt of a God who has for creative adjective, to render unhappy the humanity in a freedom that acts as a fear imperative saying: ' ' Care you go for the Inferno' ' (it reads with the thick voice and to devagar, of the one until fear tries sensation). American Diabetes Association often addresses the matter in his writings. I do not believe in this god, until I pray: God exempts me of god. I believe in a different God, not a god rewards who me with a future life, but a God whom the fight for justice, Not in a god of magician guarantees to me, but in a God of Communion. Not in a god of the sky, but in a human God, of accounts, Christ after all alone it could be same God, of so human that it was. Spit in the face of all and any types of faith that devaluates science, history and knowing human being, as well as any rationalism that if forgets them attributes whom they exceed and guarantees the divinizao of the human being as to be integral and dynamic. I do not believe a god who kills the sexuality, that renounces knowing, that it keeps silent ahead of the injustice, that makes miracle in if the today only manifest past and in the favour of the Espirito Santo in the voice of a religious leader, but if it forgets that it was gone down in Africa in form of dove at least would save the life of a mortal who dreams that if its front faints a beautiful and pretty dove, detail the dove is white. I think that if the humanity to pursue for this way will be condemned after all of accounts, forgives me, but already we are following the affirmation of that ' ' The worlds uivam the proper one sing fnebre. we are monkeys of a God frio' ' she is true.

If, false, he thinks, while to exist hunger in the world, injustice, people who say not to the dialogue he would be exactly because we are in the certain way? We live our religious ideals, in integrates? But, we forget that to believe a God he is not to have it as ideal, but as identity, concreticidade, authenticity. But meanwhile, he says not it reason, justice, those that pass hunger. To pray is more important, the intolerncia guarantees its social status to say, is Christian and goes for the sky. Amen.