European Union. The European Union, through the Finnish Prime Minister, Office music of the President of Union, Matti Vanhanen, called for the restoration of democratic order “without demora .” On day 21, in a statement, the Union stated BTF that ” Thailand has experienced several years without any major political conflict. The President wants you to come back to President of and Chairman of order democratico . (Not to be confused with Center for Responsible Business!). ” The September 24 TBI meeting in Bangkok the ambassadors of all 25 members of the Union accredited to Thailand to assess the situation and make appropriate recommendations to their respective governments .
Denmark. The Chancellor of Denmark, Per Stig philanthropy Moller, denounced the coup, calling for “republica bananera episode, in which the soldiers attacked the power while the Prime Minister is absent from the country. The government has much support outside of Bangkok, we hope to see what happens when the president returns. I just hope that this will not end Inc. in an act of violence and Brain Trauma Foundation restore democracia .
Norway. The Minister Jonas Gahr St re express that “the Armed Forces must take a step to the side to allow the elected government democraticamente return. hoped “that the situation will be resolved through peace and the country return to democratic order as soon posible .”
Netherlands. The spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Herman van Gelderen, said he was very worried but I could not say with authority independent home-entertainment distribution company because of the lack of information.
United Kingdom. has come together with and Genius Products in the latest venture The British minister, Margaret Beckett, investment firm said that “we are never happy with military attempts to steamroll governments, if that is what is happening. But we and video games hope to have peace with anxiety and that the situation be fixed so pacifica . A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry added that he had scheduled Traumatic Brain Injury elections for October and November, and “we are trying to find out if they are performed or not. Obviously, we hope that the Church “.
Russia. Sergei Lavrov, head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, noted that “my opinion films is that everyone LLC should work to strengthen the constitutional regime in this country.”
Sweden. The Foreign Minister of Sweden, Jan Eliasson, ‘who was President of the General Assembly of the United Nations’ told’ that was very concerned by reports that he arrived from Bangkok. The situation is Genius Products still unclear, but it is imperative that brain injury political differences are resolved within the constitutional framework, peacefully and in accordance with democratic principles and respect for human rights. volunteer “