Global Greengrants Foundation

Much of the towns of Aysen in addition to various countries of the world from this weekend about 70 people gathered in Puerto Bertrand in order to perform a special commemoration: the world rivers day. Its objective was one single and quite clear, down the rapids of the River in Chile, today threatened by several dam projects being conducted by HidroAysen, hispano-italiana Endesa and Colbun Chilean society. After camping overnight on Saturday in the town and in some cases the services of cabins and residential, departed the Sunday with the words of the pastor of the sector, father Porfirio Diaz, who raised a prayer for life, water and the defence of the territory. Participants came from Coyhaique, Cochrane, Coyhaique, Chile Chico, own Puerto Bertrand, Bahia Murta, Puerto Aysen, Maniguales, Caleta Tortel, Santiago, England, Germany and Sweden, among other places, who after the spiritual action were launched to the still icy waters of Lake Bertrand (which originates from the drain of General Carrera Lake and at its mouth gives birth to the Baker River) to carry out preparatory exercises and proceed to the official photography: World rivers day: free waters, free rivers for a healthy and better world reserve of life Patagonia Chile, Aysen. The Group launched in kayaks, canoes, and rafts to travel about 10 miles that separate the town of sector rare duck, in the Austral Longitudinal road running in that area flanking the Baker, place where we proceeded to the landing. The participation of the students of the school of guides of Patagonia, institution that organized the activity with the support of the Global Greengrants Foundation and the support of International Rivers, was joined by a delegation from the Club Nautico shark of Cochrane, whose young members, led by Professor Roberto Haro, showed the learning achieved in years of practice of the kayakthat area has been incorporated as one more within the disciplines that athletes of the southern exercise. Francisco saw, director of the school of guides of Patagonia, explained that more than focus the commemoration on the descent of the Baker idea was learn to enjoy the water and how to do so in a safe and enjoyable.

And to give us desire to continue doing so. Those of us with more experience can see the example in these kids (the sharks) with the desire that they put in the water, it is inspiring to learn the skills that they have. He pointed out that this requires a change of culture, we can not defend this water and these rivers if we do not seize them, because they can not be just to come and make of them a photo or an opportunity only for foreigners. Those who live here must seize these waters doing sport, recreating us and so we can build a more healthy and better world. The Director recalled that for this next weekend is preparing together with the Chamber of tourism of the Junta a descent at the Palena River, from the sector La junta, inviting all those who are interested to participate in this activity’s interaction with the nature of Aysen. To achieve this work counted the entity with the support of various institutions, as many companies private and civil society organizations.