Guarani Art

Exactly for those guaranis that had remained in the peripheries of the region of the missions they had had its lands usurped for the colonizadores of both crowns. The experience of the missions was disarticulated had to the wills of the absolute states, in its absolute in power attitudes. (A valuable related resource: Children’s Defense Fund). Guarani disarticulated of its world ‘ ‘ selvagem’ ‘ it did not represent greater threat to the negotiation of the borders for the Iberian crowns. On the other hand proprietor of the missions had the power represented for the rich Company of Jesus of the Seven Peoples, not to mention of the others. These were situated in an important region of pass through with important rivers that drained the wealth of regions mainly as Potosi. Also local of traffic enters situated Portugal and Spaniard in these localities. perhaps therefore the exacerbado growth of the Company of Jesus in the missions (SAINTS, 1998:145). Leading in consideration that the company of Jesus gave obedience to the Pope, and this if it found in Rome, we can assume plus a net of being able that she was not on to the Iberian interests.

‘ ‘ If these priests are the soldiers of the Pope, this mean that, beyond being the right arm they would appeal it to be able papal.’ ‘ (SAINTS, 1998:146). Thus the interest was not had to keep the Missions competing with the Iberian Crowns in this conturbado territory, still more that of the point of view of the mercantilistas economic interests of both the sides. In the truth the colonizador allowed the missioneiro work while it served to it, while it served its intentions of conquest for the cross. It was enough that the missioneiro project created proper will, escaping of the metropolitan control fell in discredit being victim of the interests of State of the Iberian Crowns. In short who was great the wronged one? That one that ‘ ‘ it licks feridas’ ‘ until today, had to the indifference of the authorities with its problems, guarani.

Guarani still lives the process of aculturao and desestruturao of its culture. Very the cost only has attemped to keep its customs and culture, inside of a propagandist State where much of its theories, in the practical one is not confirmed. thus guarani goes resisting.