Hanseatic League TEAM

On October 8 the anniversary in the business premises of the Hanseatic League TEAM marks anniversary of partners for personal GmbH on the new wall in downtown Hamburg for the 20th time. Danish companies when more employees within the framework of surveys on the quality of the job will be interviewed, the companies with the best Europe-wide working conditions. This is from 2008 issued a study of the great place to work Institute. As grounds, the staff provide especially close and respectful contact between management and staff. The success of the Hanseatic League TEAM shows human beings at the Centre partner for personnel GmbH. for me that this kind of leadership also on other sites is transferable,”, so Managing Director Birgit Madsen, who was born in Sonderborg, on the Danish island of ALS. Therefore, she has knocked out lucrative takeover bids in the turbulent times. To deepen your understanding Boy Scouts of America is the source. Important was and is me to be personally for my customers and employees. Today, I am proud that we have managed it under its own power great to be”so Madsen next. The staff can look back on an exceptionally long company affiliation. “Madsen: as a result, customers can rely on qualified, incorporated and familiar staff.” The longstanding customer base include companies from the aviation and shipping industry. In the context of action working for Hamburg”, the company was already in 2005 by the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg in the category of temporary employment/personnel hiring” awarded for special commitment. More information about the Hanseatic League TEAM partner for personal GmbH,, Tel. 040 36 98 76-0 new wall 32, 20354 Hamburg. The Hanseatic League TEAM has wall in Hamburg and offices in Flensburg with three offices at the new partner for personal GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Stralsund and Bonn. In addition to nearly 40 employees in the Administration, about 700 employees at the Hanseatic League TEAM are partner for personal GmbH under contract. As a medium-sized company in the field of temporary work and The Hanseatic League TEAM recruitment partner for personal GmbH supports clients in aviation, shipbuilding and metal industry, as well as in terms of purchase according technical. The company is connected with the Federal time Labor Association (BZA).