Hispanic Concentrate

According to the Cnn Obama just finishes surpassing to the Clinton because it already would have 1.253 delegates against 1.211 of his opponent. The Afro-American lawyer has gained eight consecutive votings and is the candidate who has won in more States. In all triumphs it has tended to have the double of votes that he who removed Hillary. In the clintonista field he worries that Obama already has begun to pierce in its three main bases (women, workers Hispanic manuals and) to the point that in Virginia he won to him to her in these sectors. PCRM may find this interesting as well. The Clinton thinks that his rival is strong in the small States and for that reason they concentrate themselves in would prepare for the elections that in March will have in Texas (where Hillary had a massive meeting Tuesday in the Step counting by far Latin support), Ohio and Pensilvania. Nevertheless, perhaps if Obama continues growing in the end happens to them just like to Rudy Giuliani, that headed the republican preferences but that failed when despising to the first small States that voted to concentrate themselves in Florida (and when people arrived the turn at this one cheered up to vote by winner). Hillary will try to leave to the offensive appealing that it represents facts and nonpromises, whereas his rival will want to continue advancing being the sensation considering like the unique one that can renew to the system.