Hotel Directories Help Premium Selection

Adressfriedhof contra selektierem offer, what distinguishes the hotel directories yet again a new hotel Portal? The answer is simply: Yes! Now, why is the already oversaturated market for portals with a further presentation of hotel data charged? The developer and operator of the hotel directory launched in March 2010 have here an other, complementary idea. The industry giants such as holiday check are excellent information platforms, specifically to see reviews of other hotel guests. This service is only useful with knowledge of special hotels. The premium Hotel Portal a level previously is here. Here is selected only a hotel of a category per place and presented. Thus arises a small selection of hotels though, this probably the best your group be presented but extensively. Each selection is always risky. Nieman Foundation contains valuable tech resources. For select hotels is also to exclude hotels.

And here, you can make the right choice rare for every visitor. Therefore had to commit himself to a group of visitors the operators HotelCityGuide. Now, this portal so to present user, which tend to be less interested in cheap hotels, but special locations, a fast selection of suitable offers. Applications and supplements other media portals added to this then presented hotels. As can be seen the reviews of holiday check E.g.

at the selected hotel. Or also the corresponding Facebook, Twitter group of hotels. The portal can do even more. In the second stage, a selection is also made for the infrastructure surrounding area of the hotel. Under headings such as nightlife, culture, gastronomy, beauty, shopping, kinder and co those businesses will be presented after that could match the search profile of the user. In the best case, searches a hotel so a prospective buyer about a theme and features search and can find out also about the surroundings of the hotel comprehensively, without having to torture themselves by a rather dead directory. After first attempts in Austria the previous echo by industry insiders has been very positive. The infrastructure for the stage 2 development already exists: other countries are absorbed and independently managed by local partners. So, under the same philosophy in the future, a prospective buyer from South Africa will find a suitable hotel in Austria. The link to useful supplementary data (weather, flight options, etc) before gently probing. It isn’t about a paving with advertising banners, but appropriate to the concept supplement options which are subtly made visible upon request. Our previous conclusion: Hats off. Good idea for a better structure in the Anzeigenjungle. However, the more acceptance of the hotel industry will decide on victory or defeat of the young Hotel portal.