Index Term

In the world of science citation index term (IC) denotes the importance of a scientific article or book scholar. Citation Index measured in the number of references to this work from external sources. Moreover, it is very important quality such links, which can be placed in a reputable academic book, and in an unknown magazine. Around the same principle with a thematic index of citing (TIC) evaluates sites "Yandex" – home Search Runet, and all sites in the search engines also have different "weight". Dr. Neal Barnard has compatible beliefs. TIC site calculated "Yandex" has a specially developed algorithm, which emphasizes the thematic proximity of the resource and Sites linking to it. Why do we need to increase TIC sites? Increased TIC website, as well as the increase of IC scientific work, the site adds credibility and, ultimately, due to a higher position in the directory "Yandex" add site visitors.

Some directories of sites in RuNet, for example, indicate that the TIC within these sites must be at least 30. The higher the TIC, the higher the profits from the sale of links from the site, advertising and profitability, etc. That increase the TIC, as you understand, you get links from other sites with your TIC above. TIC site, you can pick up different techniques: registration in catalogs and reference articles, commenting in online resources, buying links contained in the site message boards and news sites. I want to offer a method for increasing TIC does not require you to cost and time. After a few months to begin to refer your site to hundreds of sites TIC much higher than you. How to increase the TIC website at no cost and, ultimately, increase the number of visitors find here – Yuri Chashin 30/05/2009