Matching rates reduce the cost of health insurance certain factors play a decisive role in determining contribution in the private health insurance. These are the age, sex and State of health of the insured person. (Similarly see: Nieman Foundation). Insured persons who place value on a cheap premium, can have an influence on the amount only about their collective selection. Tariff change or limit services basically every insured person within his Assekuranzunternehmens can change the tariffs. To get improved services, secondly to the scope to reduce, and thereby save for one. In addition, tariff components on the test bench, which rather belong to the luxury, like days of funds or the hospital daily allowance should. The insured person may waive certain performance components therefore, without larger restrictions insurance protection in purchase.

The same applies, for example, the hospital agreed a single room or a chief physician treatment. Sometimes insurers also entirely new tariffs are offered at a comparable scope of services are still cheaper. For a few euros of less a change not worth usually young fares the longer term development of the premium is still not quite sure. Yet this way savings are obtained, and also the age provisions in the insurance companies will not be lost. Control of Your Diabetes. A re-examination of health must not fear the policyholder usually, because such is only then, if the health insurance tariff contains additional services. Insurers save through deductibles – and premium refunds rates a cost-conscious behavior of their customers like to see. As a result they offer the insured, by arranging an excess or a higher deductible to lower their health insurance contribution.

The insurance components in question are “ambulatory” or “dental services”. That is a the insured person pays deductible, for example, 1,000 euros initially up to the contractually fixed limit The insurance takes over medical bill, and the cost. Another variation sets that the insured person of any medical bill, for example, a percentage – for example, 10 percent – must assume.