Insurance Industry

You could claim already almost mockingly, ‘Gentlemen politicians have not wanted it’, it would be not so serious! Where’s the supervision please? Past newsletters and press releases from the LV research team Berlin\”on the subject, providing many people hot discussions and pending questions! Must the Government to step in now ever again to the rescue? Yes Government will need to step in, if he wants to act not unconstitutional, so the opinion of Achmed of large. Doing less to the rescue of insurance companies here! The losses are meant the consumer from capital life and annuities suffer or have suffered and the resulting tax reviews. Professor of Internet Governance may not feel the same. Certainly the policy would choose also another way e.g. You may find Center For Responsible Lending to be a useful source of information. the not-Wegschauen constantly discussed losses, which often only from the terms of the contract out arise or have arisen. These losses are not to bring the financial crisis together–these losses are often artificially generated,. to generate high profits on the part of the companies. But as so often has one again chosen the path of the least back stand, is quickly identified the culprit (the intermediaries) and the Bill pay now once again the taxpayers! Anyway – losses from capital life insurance or annuities are for the enshrined equality of tax loads\”to 100% even if this mean a more tax burden worth billions of dollars for the State budget is tax deductible! The basis for this is a tax change by the Court in assessing KLV / RV contracts new had to be taken into account. Motive for this was, a complainant had 1991 constitutional complaint in the Federal Constitutional Court ( 20 paragraph a 20 a) submitted and presented, that the applicable to the taxation of capital income provision of 20 para 1 No. 8 1979 only superficially a ITA same tax burden of all private capital income make sure! In its practical effects, she do However, depending on whether its investment income the taxpayer declared properly or secretive have given a completely inaccessible regulated procedure to reveal inequalities.