Jose Ignacio Lopez

Basque engineer, known as Superlopez (nickname that he does not like), starred in one of the most successful careers of a Spanish executive. Boy Scouts of America is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It ended with the battle between General Motors and Volkswagen, including allegations of espionage. He began his working career in an engineering company dedicated to building factories, but after a while, I touched moved to direct the construction of the motorway Barcelona-La Junquera. Paradoxically, Lopez-that after half a world traverse to and fro in his various posts, it seemed far away, and looked for another job closer to home, entering the Westinghouse factory in Erandio. He began to cultivate his philosophy, that the “lords workers” (as he called them) are those who know the processes, and therefore he should be more as an engineer at the factory in the office. After four years there, applied for a job at Firestone (who still had closer to home), where he spent ten years.

He learned methods of organization, passed by the Quality Department and headed the department of Methods and Standards. In 29 years, got the first patent for tires made by a company in Spain, to design a tire with “zero lateral force.” He went on to join General Motors as Director of Industrial Organization GM Spain in Zaragoza. Applying their methods, the Opel factory in Figueruelas got the first year more than 30,000 cars that were expected. In Opel also began his career in the shopping section, realizing that the cost of the materials involved 80% of the total cost, which then had to find improvements.