La Casa Fermina

It has been a pleasure to see them again I left – the same thing for us – they responded when I left the House of the Azcona, everything to me again seem Odder still. Mr Azcona never was taciturn, parco in details. Mr Azcona had always characterized by a talkative man. However, the Lady Azcona maintained his serenity and Temperance. To verify that the fog continued, I forgot my intentions to go get my car and deviated me towards another Street to direct me to the only store in town, La Casa Fermina. Knowing all that La Casa Fermina it was the only shop in the village, we all knew who was the richest in town. Even so, Fermina was never never remarried. He rejected all suitors incurred and for having.

It was said that his heart only corresponded to an impossible love. It was said even that that love could be the cure don Rafael, but no one dared to confirm it. When I went into the store, Dona Fermina was there, as it was customary. The strange thing is that the place wasn’t very crowded, but years ago, I remember that Fermina began losing customers because some marched to the city. -I remember, Dona Fermina? -I asked her as I approached it – Mmmm Yes.

Are you Sandra, huh? -answered me – long time no hear from you! I still remember when insistias about buying gum with two pesetas when, in fact, costing five – Yes, in those days it had little money, but now less – told him smiling – Vine yesterday. I’m going to spend time here. By chance, do you know what time it is? My clock has been stopped two days. -They are twelve and ten – he replied looking at your watch – because many left like you to the city. And, tell me, what you? does he come here? -I’ve come because I’m on vacation – I told him – so, are you not going to be here for a long time? -asked – No. It is possible that only you I stay here three months and return to the city – I mention – hope you change your mind and decide to stay here.