Leather Goods

If we talk about the market leather goods, in any country is a promising area for several reasons. Leather goods – a convenient and inexpensive gift that is almost always helpful. Bag can not give examples, and only knowing favorite color of the future owner, and that he would wear it: a computer, documents, personal or business stuff. Generally, things made of genuine leather emphasize the social status of the owner, and who of us has desire to stand out among others? However, as things are in a normally functioning economy, where there is a middle class willing and able to purchase leather accessories. Because the cost of such products high enough (this does not apply to counterfeit Chinese consumer goods under the well-known names Armani, Louis Vuitton, etc.). Unfortunately, Ukraine to the category of such countries does not apply, with all its consequences – Everyman buys a 300-500grn. product with a known name, trying to deceive themselves and others.

To date, the main barriers to market specified in terms of the domestic manufacturer of accessories (and whom I am) are: complete lack of a market leather goods equipment, shortage of operational skills, the state policy in relation to their own producers, but more accurately – its complete absence. And, of course same, low domestic purchasing power of potential consumers, as for export, we can work only strong firms with large volumes of production (if they return the VAT). But these companies – units. Hence it is obvious and the answer to the question of competition in this industry. How can competing business entities that do not have growth opportunities for the above reasons? If we talk about the prospects and hopes Ukrainian manufacturers of leather goods, then just remember saying, 'Would not it be a blessing in disguise. " Thank God, there was a crisis! Because of the high value of the currency, has dried up the flow of contraband available leather goods, and there is hope that the eyes of vendors in this market will turn, finally, into the country in search of domestic producers. True, there are still problems with the supply of imported plants materials (in fact there is nothing!), but there is hope that change is coming in this direction.