Lucid Dreams

A lucid dream is the one where the dreamer realizes that this dreaming, while the dream occurs. Many people are fighting for months and even years to achieve a lucid dream. And after having them realize that are so fleeting that you can hardly have any control over them. In this article speak you of come have a lucid dream and how to keep your lucidity by more time. In the first place to have a lucid dream you can follow several practices.

The problem of these practices is that they require too much time. And the results are often bittersweet. But now you can have a dream lucid, tonight and always wishing. As? You will wonder. And the answer to that question are the acoustic AUDIOS. This is a modern technology that leads to the brain to just State where lucid dreams occur. You only must listen to these audios and sleep you will begin to have lucidity in dreams. The best of this technology is that it doesn’t require using any kind of equipment that can hinder your sleep.

You only must reproduce the audio on your computer or mp3 player and soon be enjoying a completely new universe that opens before you. Once you have your first lucid dream it is necessary to learn to calm down. Many people amazed both the fact of knowing you are in another world, and then awaken. Many may not even fall asleep afterwards. After discovering this in this wonderful dream, to interact with the environment. Notice the things to her around. Do it slowly and keeping calm. Stay in touch with your body touch any object. If in your room, to interact with the objects in his room. Look at the objects for a short period of time, without too much focus on none of them. If you feel that this losing consciousness, focusing on some nearby object or your hands. Touch something with softness and feel its texture, note its color, its shape. Feel so full. Is possible that the first few times, you even agree to do this. This is normal, since this is a new world, and what they find will an experience there, in which the memories of here take a while to move. A better way to have more control over your lucidity is leaving the Audio acoustic suenos Lucidos playing all night. This will help not only you have more than one worn by night sleep, but will that lucid dreams are more stable and long. Original author and source of the article.