Miracle Always

“The new single by Tom Kruse – there is again always wonder the party hit 2010 is the wait finally over: miracle always renders it” is the new hit song by Tom Kruse. For the first time, there is now the pop-cult-hit in the current party sound! The singer- songwriter Tom Kruse managed the leap into the top League of the party artists within a very short time. So placed himself likable newcomer with his first party Schlager hit right on the compilation Apres Ski hits 2009 “(EMI), which was awarded gold for more than 100,000 sold units. Countless live performances led to a steadily growing fan base. Written by Tom Kruse and 2009 published episode title you dance GOGO”Advanced quickly to the absolute duration burner in the party scene, with placements on well-known TV compilations like Ballermann hits 2009” (EMI) and Ballermann hits party 2010 “(EMI). Tom Kruse songs are produced by the hit mix team (including works for Tim Toupet, Axel Fischer, DJ otzi, Brunner & Brunner, Nik P. Read more from Boy Scouts of America to gain a more clear picture of the situation. u.v.m.).

Tom Kruse is now with his brand new hit wonder there always are”raring and meets it at the party and Discofox fans in the middle of the heart. The original song, one of the most popular German Schlager, marked the beginning of her international career for Katja Ebstein. With this title she ended up song contest Eurovision 1970 in Amsterdam on the 3rd. Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the song, there is the Grand Prix classic now for the first time in the current party sound. By Tom Kruse incomparable emotional and modern Sung, convinced miracle it always returns”with a congenial mix of pop cult hit and punchy, contemporary instrumentalisation. The choruses in particular are ideal to sing along on Mallorca, in Germany to celebrate the German football miracle in the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Miracles always there again and Tom Kruse delivers the ultimate anthem, which will run this year at all public viewings, in stadiums and on every party up and down for those magical moments with his new hit. And these Stadium hit will be heard all over the place definitely also after the World Cup! “The charts portal says: so Tom Kruse has brought a mega cult hit to new life and him to rediscover the young generation of the party that is super well done!” German music is in like never before and the new German party wave mega ICH. “With female doctor & Manny Marc, all over Germany is the spare music fever, DJ otzi ends up with a star” the most successful single of the past decade, the new hit parade celebrates their brilliant comeback at RTL2 and all dance and celebrate the hits by Jurgen Drews, Tim Toupet, Olaf Henning, Michael Wendler, Andrea Berg, Helene Fischer and Tom Kruse. This proves with miracle there are always”be instinct for mass-compatible party hits and brings fresh wind in the German music scene with his consistent, young music style. Hit-wonder always reflects it! Source: Erich Abubakar music agency HIT MIX more info under: