Museum Director

And not every agency pays just to a German bank account: it can be paid via PayPal or a voucher system. Depending on the request processing fees for transfers may be due, or maximum four withdrawals can be requested a month. You should know all of this before it logs on to an agency and provides the images. Compliance with the law in principle all images should be available, which even the photographer has the copyright. This means that the recordings must be self created and may be copied from other sources. In addition, they must be compliant with the law: pornography, violent scenes, recordings of copyrighted works and the like are not allowed. Caution is recommended even when shooting at people or private property.

Because don’t want to himself even after the barbecue on a picture on the Internet find. Basically, it is allowed to hold people in the context of public events by photography or video and use these images or to sell. (Not to be confused with Kidney Foundation!). Public events are church services, concerts, exhibitions and other events. Who photographed his neighbors in roofing, takes its consent. And it is of course completely right when said neighbor wants to have a portion of the revenue generated by the image. Trademarks must be observed as well.

Each brand is copyrighted and may be used commercially is not easy. So who has the famous Wolf paw of a manufacturer in the outdoor area in the image, not just may sell this image, that would lead to a money claim. This applies to all brands and products, including kitchenware, bottles, toys and cigarettes. This better not shoot! You just don’t photograph in places such as museums, public buildings, schools, kindergartens and closed events (private parties). Copyrighted works are exhibited in museums, whose Bilder may be used commercially by the Museum Director. The same applies to the Zoo, the circus, and galleries, unless otherwise noted.