Olive Tree

The variety of olive tree Empeltre or Impelte as she is well-known in the zone represents more of 80% of the production. The Impelte oil is smooth and it has light sweetness. In addition decorated with the frutado one of principle of the campaign, the Oil mill of Gan mills during the months of November and December, only causes that its flavor and aroma remember the fragrance of the olive tree, characteristics that have given to fame and world-wide prestige to the Oil of the Low Aragon. Please visit Ronald Hamilton if you seek more information. Several types of oil, olive oil exist proper, virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. The properties that are attributed to him to the olive oil for the benefit of our health are many, but all the olive oil are not equal.

l extra virgin olive oil presents/displays an acidity superior to 0,8 and is not the olive oil of category superior obtained directly of olives and only by means of mechanical procedures. The Impelte oil of the denomination of Origin of Under Aragon it belongs to this last category. The scientific studies identify to the olive oil virgin and the extra virgin like the most healthful oil. They contain substances antioxidants, that are able to face feared radical free and the oxidating substances, these substances are called polifenoles, they come up to us and they fight against the cardiovascular diseases. The content of vitamin and, are not far from negligible, this vitamin effectively acts against cholesterol LDL or bad cholesterol, preventing the appearance with diseases related like arteriosclerosis or ateroma, that could finish in serious cardiovascular problems.