Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH

Social commitment of the Ennepetaler tradition company on June 16, 2013, on the day presented the open door in the Dusseldorf children’s Hospice Rainbow country, Marc Munster, head of the Department of technical consulting at febi bilstein, a cheque of 4,000 euros to the facility for terminally ill or severely disabled children. In cooperation with the febi truck Division has the technical consulting between April and June CV workshops in all over Germany attended. Doing open interviews were carried out, for which the Executive Board of Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG offered 50 euros each as a donation for the children’s Hospice Rainbow country. Florina Schrading, trainee in technical consulting, brought it within six weeks on 80 workshop visits, which meant the bottom line for the children’s Hospice Rainbow land 4,000 euros. The visit to the children’s Hospice at the handing-over of the donation cheque has touched me deeply. I am proud to have contributed with my work to support this important institution”, Schrading commented on their charitable efforts.

Social commitment is at the Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG to a special meaning. The world famous manufacturer and supplier of spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles regularly social projects supported or initiated even fundraisers. Thus, the Ennepetaler company returns a part of his success to the region. Under the umbrella brand bilstein group combines the Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG the internationally strong brand febi, SWAG and blue print.

Jonas Kohler System

Mr Merkle and Mrs Weiler reported the imminent establishment of a GbR (Civil law company) to build a PV plant on the Wildermuthgymnasium. We could win some prospective buyers who are willing to buy shares in a Gemeinschaftsphotovoltaikanlage. However we have found so far nobody, who is ready to take over the management of the GbR. Therefore the Umwelt AG will collect donations and sponsorship money over the next few weeks for the realization of a photovoltaic system. A photovoltaic system realized through donations and sponsorship money is significantly less overhead and can be made by the Umwelt AG. The yield of the photovoltaic system flows at the Uhland-Gymnasium.

Please donate fundraising for a photovoltaic system on the roof of Uhland arcade! Account number 1527056 at the Kreissparkasse Tubingen, BLZ: 64150020 we appreciate any donation! Environment – AG, Uhlandgymnasium, Uhlandstr. 24 72072 Tubingen. A student of our environment-AG, Jonas Kohler, has a forum on the Internet (www.forum-naturae.de) to better communication for our environment-AG and the Set up Exchange of information. Everyone on this forum are actively involved in discussions and votes and agreements are made. In addition, Jonas Kohler and Jonathan Strobele created a home page for our environment-AG:. You are cordially invited to follow our activities on these pages, and to write your own posts in the Forum. In the summer of 2005, there was a very successful run of donations for pupils of Uhland-Gymnasium, which was organized by the SMV of our school. Target this donations run was to buy a piece of rain forest in Peru and so permanently before the loggers and hunters access to secure this.

To do this we transferred the sponsor running the Organization ProWildlife the 13 500,-euro (PRO WILDLIFE e.V. Munich, Internet:). This rain forest is included in the CO2 balance of the UG. The Umwelt AG scored a first success in the competition mobile learning in schools, which was advertised in collaboration with the district media centre of Tubingen from HP. With their Our students reached presentation of current and planned activities and students one on March 11, 2008 (the three) top: means this first prize: Uhland-Gymnasium receives a laptop cart with 10 student laptops, a teacher laptop, projector, printer and a digital camera. In addition, the computers maintained by HP and instructed the teachers and teachers in the use of the laptop car. Now, with a new W-LAN connection in our school, you can in all classrooms with these laptops to the Internet.

Hospital Support

The support group for those in intensive care children Ulm appreciates generous cheque Neu-Ulm – only and be pursued directly charitable, registered association “Monarchis Hilf”, has made the support of economically and socially distressed children and young people to the task. After already the peace Church of Neu Ulm in the Wiley recently received a donation check, also of the support group for those in intensive care children Ulm experienced a renewed support for the purchase of baby – emergency vehicle baby-muck. On the occasion of the handing over a donation check, the first Chairman of the Forderkreis for intensive care children Ulm, Mathilde Maier, explained that the previous ambulance, the small muck, which was procured in the year 2001 by a fundraiser, came in the year. He has since more transported al 1,000 premature babies and infants, but also many seriously ill children and adults. The intensive trolley was used in a total of over 2,500 times and put in a total distance of almost 120,000 kilometers back. Therefore, the procurement is a successor vehicle for little muck, that optimally meets the special requirements for the transport of premature and neonatal transport incubator, as important as the new baby – ambulance baby-muck. Again, also this new car is financed through donations.

In the spring of next year should the amount be reached and to obtain the new vehicle. Under the motto of “Strength, courage and confidence”, the “Forderkreis for intensive care children Ulm” devoted in particular “Preemie” and ill-born children and their parents. Preemie risk, are children who are born after a pregnancy period of less than 37 weeks and a birth weight of less than 2,500 grams. This requires a permanent struggle for these tiny living with uncertainties and fear of IBNR. This resulted in tense nerves; when the parents little sleep, but also to great joy over every small progress.

The Foundation makes these parents not alone, but stands in this difficult time. With professional advice, as well as psychological and social assistance. Rental housing for the parents to spare them daily-wide access to the clinic. These include support for the follow-up to early and ill-born children and the promotion of the intensive care unit of children’s Hospital of Ulm. Account of the “Forderkreis for intensive care children Ulm”: Ulmer Volksbank eG, BLZ 630-901 00; Account no. 143 455 001 more information under: track of the exclusively and directly charitable, registered association “Monarchis Hilf”, the support of economically and socially distressed children and young people in Germany and Europe has made to the task. The purposes of the Association are mainly financed by donations. The membership is open to all interested natural or legal persons who are willing to support the charitable goals of statutes of the Association.

Wooden Glass Construction

Wooden windows is much more economical, and profitable aesthetic plastic. Wooden windows to give widely used in offices, manufacturing plants, private homes and apartments apartment buildings, which once again proves that they are 100% responsible to indicators of quality, reliability and durability. Wooden windows can significantly improve the design space, it can be tailored to virtually any size window space and a wooden box with glass is the standard of environmental cleanliness and quality. Installation of wooden windows require a professional approach. Installation of wooden windows for any family – and this is a joyous and troublesome event at the same time. The first of what will face the hosts an apartment or house – it's dust and it will be a lot when installing new window frames. Therefore, to avoid uncomfortable situations happen, it is necessary conduct some simple preparatory steps before the installation of wooden windows will come.

Prepare in advance for the arrival of assembly team. It will take a lot of paper, lay it on the floor under the windows that will change, generally better to lay a whole floor so dirt and dust settled on the floor and not on paper, then cleaning up after installation of wooden windows will be faster and more efficiently. It is also desirable to cover the furniture and appliances, so dust is not settled on They may have some furniture to make it on time to other rooms in order to clear a work space for a more comfortable installing new windows. Try to make a free pass from the front door to the places of work teams, as have all the time to make new and make the old windows. And, of course, need your spare time – is at least 3-4 hours, depending on the number of windows and installation of wooden windows. So please be patient and time in advance.

The windows of softwood – a great choice for your home. When the installation of wooden windows is finished, you will experience positive changes in the microclimate of your home or office, because the pine, oak or larch are the natural energy of life in the concrete jungle city. On the Internet, many companies offer to carry out installation of wooden windows at different prices. However, to get quality and reliable timber windows made of pine and larch, oak, contact the professionals. Our company operates in the market of wooden windows for over 10 years and has accumulated extensive experience in replacing old windows with new ones.

Finnish Film Foundation

For years they built and created a base from which, with its advanced technology flying saucers, attempt to invade and conquer Earth. The time has come. This hilarious sci-fi film is a co-production between Finland, Germany and Australia. With a budget of 6. 9 M, of which 6 have been achieved with classical methods of capitalization, grants from the Finnish Film Foundation, Eurimages, Hessen Film Invest Screen Queensland and pre-sales. The remaining 900,000 want them to cover via crowd funding.

This last week they began filming in Germany, they will then go to Australia where they will have a post of an entire year before arriving at theater screens in 2012. Your crowd funding system has a film online store, where you can, from seeing a sneak preview of a few minutes for 1, to buy t-shirts and merchandising for the film. In addition also you can convert inverter. They have a website (ironsky.net) where you can track through videos of the entire production. The second project is Spanish. Outlet already! At least in its conception, because there are people from many countries working on it. The Cosmonaut is entitled and tells the story of a Russian cosmonaut who is given by lost in space. However, he has returned to Earth, but to his surprise is totally deserted, there is nobody.

Produced by Riot Cinema Collective, as a project open, participatory and collaborative (under Creative Commons license), will premiere on the Internet though also have intention to brand new in theaters. The total budget of the film is of 860,000 and hope meet via crowd funding, investments, pre-sales and sponsorships. They also have a website (elcosmonauta.es) in which all information about the film, can find from the business plan and the script, which can be downloaded to a calendar of all the steps and events that are organized to get funding. Forms of collaboration are endless, co-producer of the Cosmonaut can be from 2. They are two projects interesting, original and future. Behind them there are young people with eager and enthusiasm and I hope they get to bring their projects to fruition. However, above all, I hope that his movies have quality, it will be the only way that will prove that they are right and good movies can be alternative and independently. Everyone is so welcome. Optimistic the part until here.


On the 21st week the baby weighs 390 g, and its growth – 17,5 cm – as a big banana. 22-th week. Continue to grow hair on your head, better denote the eyebrows. However, pigment, giving the hair color, melanin, appear later. Some children, especially blacks and Hispanics, the hair a halo around his head swim. Child's weight is 460 g and 19 cm increase in the 23rd week. The last four weeks the child was a slow increase, but this week will be the beginning of a significant weight gain. Began rapid eye movement (REM), as happens with us during sleep, it can be seen on ultrasound.

What can dream about a 23-week child? Perhaps he, like us, dream of what he was doing: playing with the umbilical cord, the sunlight. rem sleep stimulates brain development and, therefore, is an important stage of the child's stay in the womb. The average 23-week baby has a growth of 20 cm and weight 545 How long corn cob. 24-week. 24-week – top of the viability of the child, ie his ability to live independently. Until now, lungs are still not functioning, but now at the ends of capillaries that bring blood formed terminal sacs, separated by very thin film of air-filled (after birth) alveoli. Before the oxygen from the lungs did not get into the bloodstream. Now was produced by the surfactant (Surfactant), while in small amounts, its production is increasing rapidly in recent weeks. Surfactant forms a thin film on the walls of the capillary sacs, why do not they merge under the influence of respiration.

Federal Service

There is a strictly regulated procedure as registration and reregistration of the media in the Office for permitting work in the media of the Federal Service. For registration (re-) media you need provide the registration authority the following documents: 1. Application for registration or reregistration media – encouraged to apply to the printed version in the prescribed form. Remember that every mass media, which is necessary register, fill out an application. In the column "founder" of legal persons: legal form, full name, legal address (required states zip code) bank details; individuals – first name, middle name, passport details, address, place of residence. As for the media, which are named in a foreign language, indicate the translation of the names in the Russian language in the column "name" in parenthesis.

The request must be necessarily specified form of periodical dissemination of mass media. This may be: a radio program, TV show, newsreel program, audio programs, video, print media, with the obligatory indication of its form (magazine, newspaper, newsletter, book, almanac), electronic periodicals edition, the news agency. Filling in the registration statement, under "Address of the founder, specify the address of the registration of the founder, and in the" editorial office "- the actual location of the editorial board with the number of home street name, area, region, republic, city or zip code. The addresses of the founder and editorial may coincide. You will also need to fill in the application graph "topics and (or) specialization. For this we recommend use the supplied thematic list.

Helpful Tips

Men often ask the question: why women are so eager to get married? Do not have time to grow up girl, how is spinning in front of the mirror, wrapped in lace curtains and delightfully winking at her reflection from the makeshift veil. And the answer is very simple – a wedding – the same event, which can most modest girl turning into a real queen. But often, the bride in a solemn day looks so tired and exhausted, that I want her not to congratulate, but rather a pity. Yes, and the bride only, and dreams that all ended as quickly as possible. If you do not want to fall asleep at the festive table, shaking and waking up with the sound of visitors, "Kiss!" Need to take care of organizing the event. The easiest way to transfer all the worries about the triumph of agencies involved in organizing events.

A good agency will offer a comprehensive service, providing and entertainment, and an excellent banquet menu, and the motorcade. A bride will only have to adjust the programs offered by the agency and to prepare for the, perhaps, important day. After all, each one of us wants to this day was the only one. Who is responsible for organizing a wedding? Where to choose a dress? What are the little things in preparation to forget unforgivable? We've got answers.

San Vicente

Another one of the places of greater interest in Viales is the well-known garden first popularly like the garden of Charity, and nowadays with the name of both brothers: Caridad and Carmen. Its origin is peculiar: a familiar idea, fruit of the love of members of the family by the nature generally, in particular the plants. Everything began the past at the beginning of century, when a marriage made up of African and Chinese descendants of, typical reflection of one by the different roots of our population, began to plant trees, brought of near places, of mountains others, besides originating ornamental plants of gardens that no longer exist or of the forests that long ago covered major area or of own wooded hills. Little by little one passed on the love and passion by the nature to his present descendants. Nowadays cause admiration to see this work, created with few resources, but with the certainty of the daily work during long years. This it was the beginning of the present garden, that nowadays continues growing slowly. His proprietors, Caridad and Carmen, today two old octogenarias and wanted by the community, keep a piece from history not only of the garden, but of the own Viales and the way of life of those times. The rate of life of this place is similar to as a family in the middle of century lived the past.

It is located when coming out of Viales, in the direction of the community of San Vicente and to the hotel of the same name. It is easy to arrive at the same. The main street is taken, goes next to the park and the catholic church and three pictures more down, when arriving at the station from expendio of fuel known in Cuba like Cupet, the street is divided in two. It is taken to the left, where he is habitual to find many people awaiting taking a vehicle.

Boats Company

French shipbuilding company Jeanneau takes a serious stance on the European yachting market. At the shipyard are excellent sailing and motor yachts, sport-type as well as designed for sea cruises. Also among the lineup are a variety of boats for recreation and fishing. Having a half-century of experience in building boats, Jeanneau is considered one of the leaders in this field. Yacht company has repeatedly received international awards.

Jeanneau firm was founded in 1957. Specialists are among the first shipyard in the world – since 1961 – began to make shell of fiberglass boats. High-speed boats Jeanneau from the very beginning has an excellent sea-going the quality and reliability, as soon gained enormous popularity. Constantly improving their design and manufacture of introducing new technologies, the company has successfully developed, now at five firms own plants produced about 6,000 boats per year. Jeanneau shipyards are located in France and in Poland, the total staff of about two thousand people. International distribution network companies in more than fifty countries includes over three hundred officials.

In 1995 he joined the -Group. One of the main distinguishing features of the yacht Jeanneau is their high quality products. In manual assembly housing all of the woodwork conducted under the strict control of the computer, thanks to design details are adjusted to each other almost perfectly. Wood Boats of not tarnish and does not collapse under the action of ultraviolet rays thanks to a special patented lacquer. The newest models are Jeanneau brilliant example of innovative design, combining excellent technical data and functional comfortable interior.