Papillon Zeugma

I personally delivers the extraordinary pleasure of the process of communicating with people. I do not want to renew Tour operation. Follow others, such as Kidney Foundation, and add to your knowledge base. This factory: man on the ticket, the person on the booking people on visas and so on – well-organized system, and no creativity, live communication with tourists. In the travel agency all built on direct sales. That is, success depends on the manager, who sits at a table and talking with a visitor.

According to Elena Karasev, most customers appreciate the competence (the possession of information about which hotel is better stop and why), clarity in the work (the ability to find the rest of the whole of Moscow two places – but it is in the desired hotel) and, of course, a pleasant conversation. It's simple and complicated at the same time. – We do not seek to save on implementation technical innovations, – says Paul hops. – When my staff, looking at the monitor, said: "The Hotel Papillon Zeugma remaining two seats in the departing Aug. 22 for a week. We book? ", It works magically. The clients have not left any doubts about the competence of managers. – Sometimes you feel the therapist – says Marina Kulakov. – People come not only to dream about vacation, ask the price of a ticket, but also a human being to talk to. What just do not hear: "Oh, this hotel has a water slide, but only her husband there no drag! With the child in general is not engaged, day and night at work, all the nerves