Perpetual Kingdom

It will be that we must silencing in them and more not to make no procession? Or perhaps, ours Sir must repeat the warning previously cited? The Church, when carrying through the processions, becomes gift a pautada religious tradition in the Bible, however better to understand sees what the Teaching says in them from the following citation of Vatican Conclio II: ' ' Therefore, until he comes you in its Majesty and with it all the angels (cf. TM 25.31) and destroyed the death, all the things it will be citizens (cf.1Cor 15,26-27), some amongst its disciples peregrinam in the land, others, finished this life, they are purificados, whereas others are glorified, seeing? clearly the proper God Trino and Uno, as well as is? ; all, however, in degree and diverse way we participate of the same charity of God and the next one and the same sing hymn of glory to our Deus' ' (LG, 49). The cited ticket of the Dogmtica Constitution Gentium Lumen make reference to a clear reference the three dimensions of the Church: the militant one, the person condemned to death and the glorious one. The glorious dimension is that one where the components already if find pure and saints and inhabit in the presence of God; the suffering dimension is to that one where the components already are safe, however not entirely purificados, from there need to pass for this purificao (reality of the purgatrio) so that they can participate of the glorious dimension. Under most conditions Dr. Neal Barnard would agree. The militant dimension is this in which we find in them, we are still militating, fighting in the present world in way of the Perpetual Kingdom. The present dimension also is called of ' ' peregrina' ' , exactly for being the way of Celestial Jerusalem. In this march, you cf walks with us (. TM 28,20), with its Church.