Phobias And Fears

Phobias are divided into 3 types: simple, social and agoraphobia. People with simple phobias experience a deadly fear of a specific object, place or situation. Social phobia – is when people avoid situations where many people, such as parties, because they are afraid to do anything to myself not to compromise. A victim suffering from agoraphobia are complex phenomenon based on fear of unfamiliar places. 'Status of phobias does not progress – says Ross. – Usually, people have phobias appear in connection with those things or places they had never afraid.

" But still, what it is – a phobia? In the classic sense of phobia – it's unreasonable, involuntary, inappropriate fear response, which usually leads to avoidance of everyday places, objects or situations' – explains Ross. However, in the true sense of phobia – a fear of fear itself. 'Phobia – a fear his own impulses – says Ross. – It is a fear to panic and lose control. Basically it is the fear of oneself and loss of control '. 'Phobic always know that their fear does not correspond to the situation – says Ross.

– For example, if you fly on an airplane during a storm and are afraid – this is a normal reaction. However, if your boss says you should go for a couple of weeks on a business trip, and you immediately start worry that the plane you will have a panic attack, it does not fit the situation – a phobia is always irrational. " Looks like it. what are you experienced? If yes, then here are some useful tips for inappropriate behavior for those who are daily faced with the problem. Switch the negative thoughts to positive. 'In a state of phobias in humans there are unpleasant thoughts, and terrible pictures in the imagination, which in turn trigger physical symptoms – explains Dr. Manuel D. Zane, founder and director of the clinic for the treatment of phobias in the Medical Center Hospital in