Pontifical Mission Societies

There are several things he points out in its index. And that still remains a priority. The documents that made Pope John Paul II today, and gathered the of this letter. There is a preparation, care and training of missionaries. Especially when he talks about the collaboration between the various missionary institutions.

Also awaken and take care of clergy. Note that in the history of the Church there is neglect of this. Raise vocations to the clergy. Very little has been touched on the subject. The missionaries came from Europe. Caring for clergy.

Attention to local values, the values of culture. Also need a female missionary personnel. These guidelines theological, pastoral and spiritual mission on the field. It does not prevent focus attention on local churches, helping churches to commit themselves to help the missions. And that's the missionary cooperation. andwith what we help? Through their prayers, their sacrifices, with the support material, with the cooperation of the clergy. It is of great interest in the issue of the Missionary. The documents of the Church. It is these Pontifical Mission Societies, the pope assumes the primary responsibility. The task of the Missionary Societies, is a priority in missionary cooperation. Shall be drawn from the beginning of the century, specifically from this papal document. Will be declared papal in 1922. The missionary work, there will no longer be an independent institution. These mission guidelines, would be a major milestone for the future missionary activity and to awaken missionary ecclesial communities. We need to awaken the momentum, the missionary spirit of communities. One of its key assertions of the document, it becomes a whole program to live the missionary nature of the Church, a Church in mission. The Church of God is Catholic, and therefore can not be alien to any people. There may come a Catholic name only a dead letter. But by going to its etymology. It's universal. This re-emphasizes what the pope. He says: Can not be Catholic Church of God, can not be alien to any people. Rules for Bishops, vicars and prefects Apostolic. The call for the missionaries, to all, especially to live poorly, to prepare intellectually and scientifically. There are examples of missionaries throughout the history of the Church, which have also been developed in other fields of science culture. Entry to the cultures. Bearing Knowledge mathematics. And the Chinese were also experts. Login to dialogue, learning Chinese, Mandarin become. Was a rank of nobility and evangelize the field is achieved. There are needs in this document on the cooperation of all the faithful is called to the whole Church in general. Not only the hierarchy. And that urged by the charity. Especially the document by those brothers who have not yet met Cristoa .