Pre Conception

It really influences in the generation of the ideas in the entrepreneur, the own experience (or successful examples of other people), the knowledge and also aspects mental of the investigator or designer. 1.3 Phases of Development of a Project of Investment The vital cycle of a project of private or social investment is made up of three phases: Pre-operation, Operation and Liquidation of the project. 1.3.1 Pre-Operation This phase begins with the conception of the project from the detection of a problem or opportunity of market (the conception of the Idea) until its putting in operation. It is characterized initially by the exit of bottoms for accomplishment of the studies and soon for the implementation of the project (execution) and it is subdivided in: a.Pre-inversion. Center for Responsible Business: the source for more info. – This stage begins with the conception of the idea until the final analysis of the elements of judgment necessary to decide the execution of the project. It is the phase of the market studies, technicians, economic and financial corresponding to corroborate the feasibility of the project.

b.Execution or Investment. – Stage that includes/understands the decisions and negotiations on studies definitive, financing, organization, selection and qualification of human resources, evaluation and selection of suppliers, licitation, constructions of offices and plant, equipment of plant and vehicles, assembly, tests and beginning. 1.3.2 Operation In this phase all the constructed infrastructure, equipment and acquired machineries, personnel engaged and enabled, already capital of work, suppliers of raw materials and consumptions, means, channels of commercialization, publicity, and others enter operation, generating the returns (money income) by the inverted resources. It is because the phase of operation, during which it is hoped to achieve the objectives that have given rise to the project. 1.3.3 Liquidation It is the period in which the project concludes and all the inverted capital recovers and the assets to their value of rescue are sold. 1 the mentioned disciplines not necessarily is the unique ones can get up others disciplines according to are the necessity of the investment project 2 Although it is certain that the majority of the projects, the important step but is the investment, in others can be for example the change of organizational structure, qualification, new technology, etc. Contact: Quk sac Original author and source of the article.