Primate Reig

There were men, women and children, some old faces seemed bruised, beaten by something stronger and more forceful than mere adversity. Some had their eyes prayerfully closed by any charitable or loving hand. Others, however, exhibited a few eyes open, ominously inquisitive and even challenging with its absence of flicker, they produced a thrill anyone who looked them. There was me, dragging my feet muddy by the spontaneous sidewalk formed against the corpses. The chills than of time in when it roamed my backbone were due not only to the rain that had soaked me completely. My body, wrapped in water and in clothes that sweating moisture and fear, expelia a hot and strangely fragrant mist, or so seemed it, at least. But that was not what caused me only episodic spasms and electrical currents of cold that I climbed by the spine.

It was also daunting environment. It was the grisly procession of relatives and friends. It was the final solemn stillness of the dead. And it was the familiarity of everything what, the feeling of already seen me attacked ever more frequently. Of both as soon as he stumbled, I rubbed, rather, with someone who was going faster or slower I scrutinizing the faces of the bodies lying on the street, some bodies increasingly more sunk into the mud as persistent rain erosionaba the soft soil of the streets unpaved. I had been before in Primate Reig. In that same Primate Reig of another era.

And in the current. I.e. in the wide and straight Avenue with houses on both sides and hundreds of cars parked at the edge of sidewalks. Also, I say, I was ever on this unpaved Street where I was now. It was another Primate Reig primitive and ancient, border then with the boundaries of the city, still there where still some orchards waiting for the real-estate boom that would eliminate them.