Professor Carlos Palomeque

Citing to any city, then it is associated to a specific image, since the Guggenheim in Bilbao, until FC Barcelona in Barcelona. What is Salamanca associated? Years ago, there was no doubt: his University. Today, I’m sorry, but the person questioned stranger thinks it is a good time before recognize their ignorance. And it is that the University has become a strange and even alien, element that some tourists remember only his search for the frog on the facade of the older schools. University, its environment, student life and even cultural impregnation that is supposed have disappeared from the urban enclosure with its remoteness to the campus Miguel de Unamuno.

Remembered rightly recently Professor Isabel Nieto in a television conversation in which we agree: the University today is only an appendix almost forgotten by the public. These thoughts come to tell of the task ahead the Professor Carlos Palomeque as coordinator of the 800th anniversary of the University. On the one hand, it is clear, the international projection of the event, as claim, among other things, for greening the old perhaps withered laurels of our antanona academic institution. Now that bread Bologna has helped to unify the University education and to blur their differences in a crowded global academic world, demonstrate, promote and exalt the uniqueness of our University is sine qua non to ensure its future. But there is more. Part of this differentiation, that appeal and that claim stems that the entire city would be a campus, very alien to the current reality situation. Get it or, at least, try to do this approach is a daunting task for Palomeque and his team.

But there is no other. If the University do not overlap in the city and the city not embraces his University, the future of both will be more than bleak. Salamanca, without his University, is not nothing, and the University, without the beautiful receptacle of the city, is comparable to any other same yesterday, housed in conventional concrete buildings.