Psychiatric Social Service

The work ' ' interprofissional' ' he determines that the professionals work in the coherence of interdependence, the completeness and with plasticity, what means to recognize that its practical specific knowledge and its correspond to a part of the set. The perspective breaches through the positions ' ' I joined disciplinares' ' that everything can, yielding place for consignment contract of more horizontal and democratic relations between the knowledge and interventions of the different professions. The work of the Social Assistant in the professional teams of Mental Health is not newness. Second To sound (2006), the first interventions of the call Psychiatric Social Service had appeared in the United States, almost for 1905 return, still before recognition of the profession in the society. work this that the social assistants ' ' psiquitricos' ' if it based on the appointed model ' ' after-care' ' , assigned to prepare the psychiatric patients high and to follow in the after-high one.

' ' After-care' ' it is a term of the medical field that is about the cares with the convalescents, also in the puerprio. (IT HISSES, 1993) Since very early several you discipline of them had distinguished its common elements, initially shown through the interest commodation in the ambient factors and the trend to congregate the biggest number of possible data on the history of the patients. The apprehension of psychiatry with the amoldamento of the individual itself exactly and to the environment was developed of relatively slow form, whose more expressive advances retrace to the second decade of century XX. (Ibdi., 1993) the Social Assistants already after remained made familiar to the problem of readjustment confronted for the mental sick person the high one, therefore beyond the ambient factors that had cooperated adversely to unchain it of illness, it had that to face the difficulties that the stigma of madness causes for the people.