Real Economic Society

In 1817 it is admitted like partner of number of the Real Economic Society, that later conferred the title to him of Partner of Merit. The presbtero Felix Varela Morals was one of the disciples of the Seminary San Car it and San Ambrosio. There it received classes of Agustn father Horseman (1762-1835), the precursor of the Cuban philosophy and the one that the front of transition between the traditional escolasticismo and the philosophical reform established with its ideals, that I continue Varela later, cradle mainly in the cartesian rationalism. This illustrious thinker he owns the merit as well of to have been one of the first representatives of the independentistas ideas and abolicionistas in Cuba. Their Christian devotion, its inexhaustible kindness, its clear talent and its vigorous personality plot a new course in the education and the destinies of Cuba. For that reason, the years between 1811 and 1830, can receive denomination of period of Varela. Light and Horseman said that Varela was the man who taught to think to us first.

We can add: Light I teach to us to know, and Mart, on the basis of that tradition, and to its genius, to act. On these foundations Fidel Castro it has taught to us, and it continues teaching to us, to win. To think, to know and to act based on interests of more poor men and of all the humanity. Development: The pedagogical ideas. One affirms of Varela, that initial period (1881-1822), of the formation of his educative theory to teach to the students from the first years, will become the essential law of education that praised. Within the values that were to develop was the precaution, the gratitude, the benevolence, the charity, the conmiseracin, the prudence, the joy, justice, the strength. Varela outlined better their educative-instructive system and centered their interest in moral formation of youth.