Are you aware that your partner needs to make changes. You know that you and he / she may be better, give more, not only as parents, leaders or employees, but as companions in life, as they have chosen some time. However, how do these changes? How do we tell the other that has to change, the need for better? How can we accept face to face we have made mistakes, when the world tells us we have nothing to recognize or nothing to negotiate? Any relationship is like an escalator in operation: either going up or downhill. Think for a moment: Would you like to be in the best relationship that may exist in the universe? Would you like to feel completely happy with your partner for life? Ask you to meditate, at least 60 seconds, this question and answer with complete sincerity. Please do not read without responding, because they will exercise.

If your answer is NO, then I hardly think you’ve read this article. Goes to next, because what comes next will only generarte yawns. If you say SA, then from now begin to act accordingly. In my dictionary, now means now, in the present. Not tomorrow, not in five minutes, there is another time that has no grudge . Do not care if your wife barked at you when you woke up today, or if your husband is a bigot that you take for a walk from vacation two years ago.

What we are going to start, it is NOW, no excuses, no stories, no “buts” a First, you will write on a sheet which features have the perfect relationship (humanly speaking, of course) that can exist throughout the universe. Be honest / or, but, above all, realistic. I recently did this exercise with a student of my NLP course and I replied, “is a relationship where no one ever fight or argue, where are all the time together, looking at each other in love, passion and desire to be also constant” Okay, to be a fairy tale. But do not think reality is. If I want to believe I can be a basketball player for Argentina in this sport no matter how much it has not convinced how good my intentions with my six feet tall I will not go far. Similarly, if you think real would not have a perfect relationship now for exchanges of views (some more heated than others), or saturation (which is good not to be at least for a while) or where everyone wants to do their own things depending on their particular interests and talents, or where no such passion as before, and so on. Now, said that, write down everything that you feel would be your perfect relationship with your current partner / o. If you do not have one, no matter, write how you think this would be also. Very good! You just design the model, the level of your relationship perfect. Then going to start with the foundations, the foundations of this you’ve viewed.